Friday, March 20, 2009

"I was like the Special Olympics out there"

So President Obama was on Leno last night (I did not watch it but read the news reports) As an aside I was driving by on Alameda yesterday in Burbank and I saw my Aunt Susan out there with a picket sign (haha).  The appearance was a mixture of jokes and seriousness, Obama joked about  the fact that he doesn't know how to bowl, he told Jay that "It was like the Special Olympics out there"  Obama almost immediately realized he made a "mistake" and called up the Shrivers to apologize after the taping.  

And this is the world we live in, in 2009.  This was an innocent funny comment and I would be willing to bet that Obama harbors no ill will to retarted people.  Its just a fact, he did look like a special Olympian!  He was being self deprecating, what's next to go from our language "Blinded by love" "What are ya deaf?" "We were just being dumb"   Al Roker of the Today show made a careless comment about people with epilepsy 1 week after he wanted Imus fired for a throw away comment he made.  

I'm glad Obama made that joke to Leno, maybe now the rubber band will snap back to pre wardrobe malfunction days where people stop getting fired or punished because of verbal mistakes.  If the President is pressed by the media over this it could have negative consequences as him and other public figures will be afraid to be real people in public.   


Serenity NOW said...

Dang, if there only would have been a teleprompter this comment would not have been made. The following is my opinion only and not meant to start a 49 post blogathon. I would think a President has a heck of alot more to do (particularly with the economy tanking) than appearing on Leno!! I would feel the same way if it was a Republican President! I want my President working on problems not working on laugh lines. I also thought it was stupid when McCain and Obama made the late night rounds during the campaign. EOM

love ya, Susan

Brett said...

Gar, I totally agree.

First, I think most people should just get a spine, toughen up and stop worrying about ever little comment that people make. I have heard of so many demands for apologies by people that it drives me crazy. Of course most people DON'T really care, they are jockeying for position trying to appear morally superior by feigning moral outrage about every little slip and so on. It drives me crazy. I think this is one of the main reasons President Bush always sounded like he didn't know what he was talking about. I heard him speak five years before he was elected and he was coherent, quick, on point, etc. Once he hit the national scene he seemed terrified to give the opposition a sound bite and just stuttered for eight years.

Second, I would love to see one politician (on either side) not cave to the demands to apologize every time. Sure if you say something stupid, own it and apologize. But, when you mean something mean it. When you think people are being overly sensitive, say so. If they hate you for it - then that's their problem.

And, finally, puhleeez - people need to stop demanding resignations for every dumb thing said. HOw many of us would have jobs if that was the universal standard? I say more dumb things before 10 am than most presidents say in eight years. :)

dole2obama said...

I agree with Susan, Obama must have had a teleprompter when he taught constitutional law or when he passed the bar. That sure was a "heck of a" speech Palin gave without the teleprompter. I love Reagan's inspiring teleprompter free speeches, or Bush, or W, or McCain etc. I listened to Rush today and he was going off on this teleprompter issue. I am curious as to why it did not bother him for eight years under Bush? Or is it yet another pointless thing to get the masses upset about? God knows we would not want to talk about the economic record of the Bush Presidency, no, no, let's talk about politicians using teleprompters! Scandal!

Serenity NOW said...

FTR..................Bush would use the teleprompter for his major big events, but when he would travel around the country or do events, he would almost always work off of large index cards.

Eight years of Bush 60 days of Obama. Love ya, Susan