Monday, March 2, 2009

U2 is Back!!!!!!!!!

For the first time in 5 years we have a new U2 album...It is called "No line on the Horizon" and I just finished listening to it 5 minutes ago. It is tough when you are the band that released two of the greatest albums ever made with "Joshua Tree" and "Achtung Baby" and I try not to compare all other subsequent work to those two, but I really can't help it. There was only one song on this new album that had magic in it the first time I listened to it "Magnificent" is the title, and coincidentally it is track 2 (U2's last album had track 2 as my favorite as well) Upon listening to that song I got flooded with chills and emotion, loving the familiar sound that I have lived with since 1988. About half of the songs on the album I would rate as average U2, and half are above average. In total I would rank this album near the bottom of the catalog, but again this is the first listen and that may improve, who knows? Here now ladies and gentleman are the best U2 albums in order

********Update! After listening to this album for about a day straight now I must say that it gets better upon each listen and is definitely growing on me, make no mistake this is a fantastic album! Compared to 99.9 % of what is out there it is in a league of it's own.

1. The Joshua Tree
2. Achtung Baby
3. The Unforgettable Fire
4. All that you Can't leave Behind
5. Zooropa
6. Rattle and Hum
7. War
8. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
9. No line on the Horizon
10. Boy
11. Pop
11. October

Do you agree with the order Brett? And what did you think of the new album?


Grandma Dee said...

It was reviewed in the Sunday Times or in People. I cannot remember which one but it got a really positive review. However, what do I know, as I am not a major devotee like Garrett and Brett. Enjoy!

Brett said...


I am going to have to agree and disagree. Magnificent is great, but so is Moment of Surrender, White as Snow, and Breathe. No Line on the Horizon is pretty cool. The worst song on the album is their single, Get on Your Boots.

That being said, I would guess it will take several months before I can rate the album in their catalog. It's gotta sink in for me. But I will fix your other ratings (excluding a few that I just really haven't spent a lot of time listening to yet):

1. Achtung Baby
2. The Joshua Tree
3. The Unforgettable Fire
4. Rattle and Hum
5. Zooropa
6. How To Dismantle and Atomic Bomb
7. Pop
8. All That You Can't Leave Behind

Right now I would guess I would put No Line up in the 3,4, or 5 spot, but that could just be new album excitement.

Also, Bono has confirmed that a complete companion album is coming out later this year!

Brett said...

PS - what kind of computers does U2 obviously use? Answer is in this album....

dole2obama said...

Bono onstage at Dodger stadium throwing out money to the crowd dressed as Elvis. K-Black puking in the parking lot after drinking five Bud Lights. All the T.V.'s, calling the white house, Bono doing an acoustic version of One to a sea of lighters...Priceless memories from seeing U2 live sophomore year

Garrett said...

I have been chasing the high I got from that concert in November of 1992 ever since...I had floor seats, it was unbelievable....the spot lights were headlights coming out of vintage cars moving overhead, Bono with his mirrored jacket, looking into the mirror, screaming "I'm F*&^ beautiful!" Then going into "Desire" All the TV's on fire leading into "bullet the blue sky" And then "Streets" I hope they do something like that classic "zoo Tv" tour this time around, and I'm going, recession or no recession!

Brett said...

Two things:

First, the Zoo TV tour nearly bankrupted them. If it hadn't been for T-Shirt sales they would have lost it. Great concert - just very expensive.

Second, whe're you planning on seeing them? Can you say Seattle?


Garrett said...

1st I think it is your turn to come down here.......

2nd I can't believe you would put Achtung in front of Joshua Tree...Joshua Tree is not only the best U2 album, it is the best album ever released!!! Of course if Mark was rating his best albums he would put "Phantom of the Opera Highlights" as his number one because he is a musical loving fruit.

3rd How long will it take Mark to respond to my unprovoked attack?

4th I remember one time I was at his townhouse and he was playing the highlights to "Rent" he really loves musicals

Brett said...

1) Maybe I will...

2) Okay, Okay... I know JT is amazing beyond comprehension. Edge virtually invented a genre of guitar with his echo box on that album that is as definitive as it is unique. But AB is unbelievable good. End of the World... Fly... Mysterious Ways.... ACROBAT! Come on... I don't if I am ever not in the mood to listen to Achtung... that's all.

2B) Groan...

3) I give it til 10:30 pm on March 14th.

4) So what you are saying is you spent 525,600 minutes at Mark's house one night...?

Brett said...

er... #2 was supposed to say:

Come on... I don't KNOW if I am ever not in the mood to listen to Achtung... that's all

mark said...

Ok, so let's get one thing straight. It wasn't Rent, it was Suessical the Musical. If you have kids, then you know what's up.

Second, U2 is one of the greatest bands ever. I admit, I don't have the new album yet, but it will be coming. As far as my musical tastes, I am grooving and jamming with the Allman Brothers, and Blues Traveler "Live From the Fall". But U2, and Zep are always right there.

Sorry Brett, you lose.

Brett said...

I only lose if you weren't prompted to visit GGB by the grabman himself, Mr. I'm in Mammoth. If you brought your own laptop and hopped on out of curiosity... then I lose...