Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remembering my Grandpa

Grabbaggar would be remiss if I didn't point out that today marks the 16 anniversary of my Grandpa's passing.  He was a great man and while he may be gone, his memory lives on in all who knew him and loved him.


namie said...

Garrett you are so thoughtful and it is such a comfort to me to know how much you loved your Grandpa and me. I'm very blessed.

Love Namie

namie said...

I have tears streaming down my face as I read your post remembering Grandpa today Garrett. He was truly the BEST and it is so hard for me to believe he has been gone from our lives for 16 years. His love and memory and so much more will be etched in our lives forever. I only wish Tasha, Kevie and Zachie would have been able to know Gumpie and he them.

Love ya, Susan

Serenity NOW said...

The second post was from me but we didn't log out after Namie wrote her note. Love you

Sandy said...

Dear Garrett, this is a wonderful tribute to Grandpa. He was so proud of you and Matt as young men and he would be equally, if not more proud to see the young men you have grown into. He lives on through all of us showing our love of family.
Love, Sandy

Paula said...

Garrett, I loved your post! Your Grandpa (and Grandma) are very special people and you and Matt are blessed to have them. I have many wonderful memories of him and all the thoughtful ways that he was always giving to others.
Love you, Mom

Grandma Dee said...

Great remembrance, Garrett. Gumpy was truly a unique man. Never in his presence when he didn't make you feel special. A real class act! love, Denise