Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Our beloved dreadlocked slugger will play for the Dodgers the entire 2009 season!  This makes the Dodgers the favorites not only in the NL West but serious contenders to win it all this year.  Manny is a force of nature in the batters box with seemingly no weaknesses and a history of dominating in the postseason.  He does all of this with a smile on his face, and he never gets psyched out like a certain other slugger that has a propensity for choking when it counts (A-Rod)  But Ramierez is a bona fide RBI machine, who effortlessly has produced his entire career. 

It has been 10.5 years since fox executive and major D-Bag Chase Carey traded Mike Piazza away to the Marlins, and since then we have not had anyone in the lineup to match him, until that is last August 2nd when Matt and I witnessed his first ever game for the Dodgers as he went 2-4 against the D'Backs.  Matt and I noticed the excitement in the stands was something that we hadn't seen since Piazza and were stoked.  Now we have our 1/3 season ticket package and will be there on April 13th and many more games to witness what should be the greatest Dodger season since 1988!!!!!

Oh BTW if Manny is sitting on 599 and the Dodgers are at home, one way or another, I am there.



dole2obama said...

You gotta love Manny! Finally, L.A. has a superstar who smiles, who jokes around, who asks Joe Torre to take him out in the 7th inning of every game, and who has fun! It will be a beautiful season in the sun with Manny in left. Manny is the type of ballplayer who gets it: don't take life so seriously, you'll never get out alive. I just wish Jeff Kent had gotten the memo. I can't wait for opening day!!!!!!!!!!

bob riley said...

What if the Kings have a game that night?