Monday, May 4, 2009

Yeah so I'm on Twitter..Whoopdeee doopdee

Twitter is basically a simple version of Facebook. It takes out all the tickle fights and snowball fights and "so and so wants you to become a fan of cat juggling" And just focuses on the updates...quick and simple...and it is tied to your phone..Do I want to get out a message in five seconds that Tasha's MRI was today and she doesn't know the results yet and will tomorrow...and it goes right here on the blog in the left hand corner...So check the blog often for my updates...some will have pictures taken with the Iphone.......If you want you can follow me on Twitter as well...or tie me to your phone so you get my texts....The updates are quicker and easier to do than there you have it folks...Enjoy!


Serenity NOW said...

Tweet, tweet my friend. I cannot believe that I was on twitter before you, the guru!! I am sure it will be the one and only time that I sneak in something on the net before you. love ya, Susan

P.S. I must admit I haven't been as involved on twitter like I am on facebook but it is the fastest growing at this point. How about Diggs??