Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garrett's Oscar list

OK folks since I don't like going to movie theatres anymore...all the nominated films are now out on video and I have now seen them all...All five films nominated for best picture are very very good and each one is absolutely worth seeing...Here now is how I have them ranked...

5. "Slumdog Millionare" very good film...was the actual best picture chosen
4. "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" very good had it moments....sit back and enjoy this long film
3. "Frost/Nixon" Outstanding the way this movie was done...very very good on so many different levels
2. "Milk" very very close to my pick for best picture...Incredible film

And my Best Picture is

"The Reader" Prepare to be dazzled folks...this movie takes you on a fanstastic ride.....true greatness


Serenity NOW said...

Good picks. I have seen Slumdog, Forst/Nixon and Milk. I loved Slumdog but I was sad to hear about the greedy parent's of the young children that actually came out of the slums in playing their roles. Hope all is better for them now. Thought Frost/Nixon was excellent. I remember the events all too well of Nixons impeachment. I thought both actors did a great job. I had forgotten alot of the interview so it was fascinating to see it again although I am sure some of it was a bit Hollywood. Also saw Milk but just couldn't get into it. I remember that happening so perhaps that is one reason why it just didn't knock me out. Not sure of Benjamin. I had heard that it ran a little on the slow side. However I do want to rent The Reader as it sounds great.

Thanks for the top 5. We saw Are You There a few weeks ago. It was sad. Not sure if I would recommend it. love ya, Susan

Grandma Dee said...

I'm with you Gar on the #1 being "The Reader.' Although, Slumdog was right there. Thanks for the rating. Glad to see Grab Bag still in print!
Love, Grandma Dee

mike in Utah said...

Benjamin Buttons was the only one I have seen on your list. It had a Forrest Gumpy feel to it a bit. Not in the story line or characters, just the timeline development.
I enjoyed it, not blown away at all. I actually enjoyed "the joy in the striped pajamas" a little more.
I have no idea what the other movies on your list are. i assume Milk is about the S.F. city councilman that was killed, but I am not sure.