Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manny is suspended for PEDS

"PEDS" =Performance enhancing drugs

Nightfall...Griffith Park....a sudden electrical storm ignites the area around the observatory...suddenly a figure appears...Naked.....he raises himself up slowly..the camera pans to his incredible physique...superhuman...beautiful...powerful.....The Terminator has arrived.....And it is all thanks to PEDS......

Miles off the coast of east africa...a ship captain held at gunpoint by three skinny desperate pirates...lying prone on an aircraft carrier is an elite SEAL sniper team..the best in the world....but even for the best they need chemical help...coursing throughout their bodies are powerful beta blockers..which slow the heart rate...mitigating the adrenal push that can account for the tiniest of twitches...they only have one shot...and they performed expertly...and it is all thanks to PEDS

Thursday April 30th..Dodger Stadium...a laid back dreadlocked slugger with seemingly effortless hitting mechanics and lightning quick hand eye coordination laser beams a double into the gap..hitting it so hard Matt, my dad, and I (sitting only yards away) think it may hit the outfield wall on the fly......and it is all thanks to PEDS

3 examples but the results of all three was happiness...shivers down my spine...endorphin


Serenity NOW said...

1. What's your source with the drug use by the Seal snipers?

2. 50 game supension for using a drug perscribed by your doc that contains a banned substance....smells fishy to me. Wouldn't a prudent person talk to his doctor about the ramifications of any drug?

3. Why not BAN FOR LIFE any player that tests positive? It would put everyone on a level playing field, and by natural selection, eliminate the idiots.

Love ya,
Mennis...let's go sailing.

Garrett said...

Yo Mennis!

I don't know for a fact that these particular Seal Snipers were on beta blockers, but I do know that they are used in military sniper applications because of their effectiveness in blocking the adrenaline response without side affects

I also don't know for a fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger was on Steroids during the filming of Terminator

I further don't know for a fact that Manny was on low dose testostone stacked with HGH when he hit that double last thursday

Serenity NOW said...

What about the life time ban?

Garrett said...

No lifetime ban!! PEDS are Good for the game of baseball!!! They make our sports more exciting to watch...its just entertainment it's not sacred!!

Brett said...

Gar, from all your pro-drug posts, it sounds like you should become a libertarian!

Serenity NOW said...

I guess baseball wasn't exciting in the day's of Casey Stingel, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Joe Dimaggio, Babe Ruth, Sandy Kofax, Don Drysdale, Reggie Jackson, Tim Salmon, Davey Lopes, Goose Gossage, Orlando Cepeda, Roberto Clemente, Harmon Killebrew, Steve "saint" Garvey, Whitey Ford, Juan Marichal, Shoeless Joe Jackson and a host of other Peds-less GREAT player's. Today's ballplayer's know that it is illegal to use growth enhencing drugs but they still try to skirt the law. And that's o.k.?? I don't think you would feel the same way if Kevin and Zach knew what the rules were in any given situation and they went against the rules anyway. Learn by example and Manny and the rest of the "juicer's" are NOT setting a good example by breaking the rules to enhance their performance.

Serenity NOW said...

P.S. The last Serenity Now post was from me not Mennis.

Love ya, Susan

Serenity NOW said...

"Good for the game of baseball". I couldn't disagree with you more. I will concere that major league baseball has become entertainment, but our national past time should not turn into a freak show...that's what the circus is for.


Garrett said...

Almost all those players you listed from the late 1960s on took performance enhancing drugs routinely in the form of amphetamines. It is widely known that in every clubhouse there was a bowl of amphetamines that players called "greenies" And yes some were prescription strength and therefore illegal. Other forms of cheating were done by Hall of Fame pitchers such as Phil Niekro and Gaylord Perry were master cheaters. They found ways to scuff up the ball with nail files, pine tar, etc. All of this was against the rules and they were big fat cheaters, should they be pulled from the Hall of Fame? I think both of you might be exhibiting "selective outrage" or "selective intolerance"

Here is why I say PEDS were/are good for the game of baseball....I can cite numerous examples, the number one being the 1998 Maris homerun chase. Fueled totally by Steroids and HGH Sosa and Big Mac brought an unprecedented level of excitement to baseball. Another example is a scruffy power hitting Catcher with tremendous power who lit up the cities of LA and NY...Mike Piazza was great for was Eric Gagnes streak....Gary Sheffield...Manny Ramierez...Albert Puljols....Roger Clemmens...they were/are all great for baseball!! You wanna romantizice baseball past as if it were a "Golden Age" fine, but you look at the tape of Maris breaking Ruths record and notice that Yankee stadium was half full!! By all measures baseball has never been as popular as it is right now. And it is thrilling to see these players fueled on PEDS.

I suggest both of you should immediately stop watching all professional sports from Horseracing to the MLB..because it is all fueled with PEDS..people looking to cheat, get an edge, and do anything to win....and guess what? Nothing is more American than that!!

FREE MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. I guarantee that Vlad Guerrero is on PEDS...stop watching him in protest now please...oh wait, I forgot he is just naturally strong enough to hit homeruns off his shoeless and up past his helmet!!

Serenity NOW said...

This could be another blog-a-thon like Matts during the election. I will try and keep my comments short and clear.

You mentioned that "most" of the player's I mentioned that played in the 60's and after were on greenies and scuffed the ball, etc. but you didn't say all. So I assume that there were and still are some pure player's out there, right? I don't care what professional sport it is. If you use or do something that you know is illegal..........gone, banned from the sport, period! You mention that Yankee stadium was only half full when Maris broke Ruths record. Could there have been other contributing factor's as to why the ballpark wasn't full?
Or is it just because Maris and Ruth weren't "juiced up" Big Mac,etc.

"People looking to cheat, get an edge and do anything to win....and guess what? There is nothing more American than that"? Wow................that is a very sorry and sad way to look at America and Americans.

I have one question for you Garrett. If Kevin and Zach knew the rules of any given situation that they may be in at this time of their lives and knew the consequences for breaking the rules and broke them anyway would that be o.k. and would you give them a pass?

Love ya, Susan

P.S. Vladi has been on the DL, most likely effects of PHD!!

bob riley said...

Thank goodness he wasn't using in Boston!

Garrett said...

"I have one question for you Garrett. If Kevin and Zach knew the rules of any given situation that they may be in at this time of their lives and knew the consequences for breaking the rules and broke them anyway would that be o.k. and would you give them a pass? "

That's easy my answer is

It depends on the situation

Garrett said...

Another new favorite sport the NHL has players like Chris Chelios and Sergei Federov who are 46 and 47 years old!! This screams growth hormone.....You compare tape of Hockey in the 70's to hockey today (the 70's players look like they are skating in slo motion!)...and you understand how the sport has gotten so fast furious...and absolutely exciting!!!!!!!

When I get older I am going to take Growth Hormone! The stuff works is the next step in our laser eye surgery (another advantage the old time players didn't have)

Serenity NOW said...


MLB Commissioner Garrett Riley, announced today that MLB, the US Congress and the Players Association have finalized an agreement that will allow all forms of PEDs. Riley said, "I've advocated this for the past 20 years. We're (MLB) tired of collecting urine samples at all hours of the day. Now the boys can shoot up, go out and play and not have to worry anymore. Play ball!"

Qin Xia Doh, GM of last years World Champion Beijing Reds was estatic."The People's Republic is extremely thankful about this. We can legally begin administering PEDs during the third tri-mester to our ML hopefuls."

Little League officials from Williamsport had no comment.

Grandma Dee said...

Hello Gar, I was sitting there, too! Loved Manny's hit.

Serenity NOW said...

Last Serenity Now post was from Mennis. And the beat goes on!

Baptist Mike In Oregon said...

Cheating is an American characteristic we take pride in and always have.

Ask the Red Coats that had to deal with a new type warfare that was out of bounds in its time. Our beloved farm boys changed the way we fight by ignoring rules of conduct and chasing the Brits and attacking while they retreated. Among other things.

Serenity NOW said...

Mike: It's not a perfect America, that's for sure BUT "Cheating is an American characteristic we take pride in and always have". Please count me OUT on that one!


Serenity NOW said...

BMIO et al:

We do have a life, but... I'm lovin' this Grab Bag.

Rules of conduct during the Revoluntary War? There were rules of conduct? way. I don't believe the Yanks were on PEDs.

Let's stay on the topic...BM, do you agree with todays athletes using PEDs?


PS...When you amd your family are in So Cal let us know, we'll go sailing.

Garrett said...

Don't let them bully you raise a fantastic point and it was totally on topic!

Serenity NOW said...

Oh, like the apologizing for America tour!

Love ya, Susan

Baptist Mike In Oregon said...

These guys are paid to perform at the highest level possible!
Everything they do should be performance enhancing from hitting the weights to diet and exercise.
Is Lasick eye surgery an even playing field? That is unfair to the guy who does not need it to succeed.
Big Mac and Sammy also did nothing outside of the rules at the time. So we need to remove their names from the bad people list.
What is more important the rule of law or morality. Some are speaking about the rules (which are completely at the discretion of the power that be to change whenever they want i.e. instant replay). You also would than say that those who smuggled slaves to the north should be arrested. Or those soldiers during the American Revolution should be tried for war crimes. Rosa Parks should be no longer honored, she was a criminal. This countries history is full of people going against the law to make a change that they were hoping to see that inproved the world.
MLB set this current standard of PEDs in baseball by letting it go on during the 90's because it helped the game FOR THE BETTER! MLB wanted excitement and it got it, now it is an issue and it is hanging players out to dry.
All sports go for the better edge, baseball is no different. Maury Wills sloshing through the mud to steal second in S.F. The infamously high mounds at Dodgers stadium, ballparks designed for specific players etc. McCovey cove wass a performance enhancer for a big lefty named Bonds with or without drugs.
look at the bats Ruth used where the handle was nearly as thick as the barrel, no helmets back for protection, the evolution of the glove or catchers gear, batting gloves etc. There is no level playing field comparing today to yesterday and really nobody compares them anyway.
I just saw a Nascar driver tested positive, if they start testing bass fisherman i am giving up.
Free Manny!!!
Test the Umps!

Garrett said...


Mike, I'm not kidding you that is freakin brilliant!! You are 100 percent correct...I love the analogies about the Underground Railroad and Rosa Parks....And Maury Wills...of course the groundskeepers CHEATED to get an edge!!

Bravo!!! Thank you for writing your comments...I have never been so happy about a comment in all my time at Grabbaggar...No offense to everyone else..but Mike has KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!

Baptist Mike In Oregon said...

I dont know about all that. I personally liked the 80's with 2-1 pitchers duels, guys hitting 20 homeruns considered power hitters, and base running and strategy playing a role in the games.
I want to see a well placed bunt, or a well executed run down. I prefer Ty Cobb (cheater) to the home runs of Ruth.
I am a baseball purist, but is different than the economy and business of baseball.
The days of Branch Rickey and the O'malleys are gone. The Dodgers are a brand name now and i have had to accept that along with the other changes including PEDS.
Is it good for kids?? No, but I am raising my kids, not Manny and I am not encouraging my kids to strive to be a big leaguers.
Is it good for the players health? probably not, but they are grown ups and know the possibilities (Ken Caminiti).
Is it good for the game? Yes, it is a business in a rough economy and they will need any edge they can to keep us entertained and watching.
And secretly that is what we want.

Serenity NOW said...

So I guess it is time to allow Pete Rose back into the game and to allow him to be eligible to be nominated to the Hall of Fame. God Bless America!!! You betcha!!!!

dole2obama said...

Serenity Now, I know Tim Salmon, I stood next to Tim Salmon, Serenity Now, there is no way on God's green earth that man was not on PED.

Baptist Mike In Utah said...

That is right, I am back in Utah.

This thread had got me thinking and tomorrow I would take time to post
"Populism in American History and Media and it affect on the American mindset and our feelings on Manny, Sosa, A-rod etc vs the reality of American History, human success stories and what is best for baseball and business."

It is a long title, and a longer article. Hopefully I will be done tomorrow.

mike in Utah said...

Ok, sorry it took so long. My family has had an awful flu, we were also in the process of moving back to Utah. And I am trying to get a small business started (see our blog as well has finish brushing up for my real estate exam.

But back to the topic.

"Populism in American History and Media and its affect on the American mindset and our feelings on Manny, Sosa, A-rod etc vs the reality of American History, human success stories and what is best for baseball and business."

We are incredibly hard on our favorite top performing athletes when we find out they have done whatever it takes to get the edge or the top possible ability out of themselves. Why is that???
Well one of the reasons is the engrained populism that Americans have sowed into our proud culture. After all we believe we are the best country there is (right or wrong), we believe we are always good, we believe that the little guy can and does get ahead with good honest hard work and so forth. That is how we have written our history and what we have always taught. ie George Washington could not tell a lie when he cut down that cherry tree, right?
We forget about our treatment of those Native Americans at Wounded Knee S.D. We were just good old Americans blazing our way through this countryside taming it as we went, right?
We have selected a legacy for this nation and roll with it as the cowboy with the white hat on. That is the picture we paint and have painted for generations. So we cannot tolerate when a guy "cheats" or goes for the "unfair" advantage. BTW, advantage is always unfair, that is why we covet that position in life. But i digress.
Populism is our stated goal in America and we try to produce a feel good buzz when ever we can. But is it the reality of American success???? I think not.
We watch movies like, "The grapes of wrath" to see those poor share croppers battle the odds of greed and prejudice and get out west for a better life. Or Ruddy as he goes against all the odds to play for The Fighting Irish, or the US Hockey team in "Miracle" or that pitcher from the "Rookie", or that team from "Remember the Titans", or Rocky Balboa, or Leo Dicaprio in "Titanic" or "Cinderella Man" or "Mr Smith goes to Washington" or "12 angry men" or name your favorite populist film. They are all exciting, emotional, encouraging, feel good movies that make you want to go do something just as great. After all, these were all clean, honest, hardworking people who beat all the odds and and were successes. But is that that truth of the matter?
First, All of these titles were either fictional, semi fictional, or based on truth with embellishments. After all the truth is not as exciting. Max Bear killed more man in the ring in the movie and was a blood thirsty evil guy (Cinderella Man). Every one of the movies above have similar traits.

mike in Utah said...

Sorry, had to make it two parts.

Second, All of the heroes successes were short lived, and unsustained. Rudy played a couple downs of football after years of work, then went back into obscurity until his movie deal. The US Hockey team won Gold, but their success really did not help them a lot later in life. Rocky contantly went back into to the ring to prove to himself he was not a loser, suffering from low self esteem. The guy from the "Rookie" re injured his shoulder and stopped pitching. And the list goes on and on.
The real winners were those who went for the edge. Those poor Okies went to CA and lived sucky lives in a new region trying to survive. But that guy at the beginning of the movie who took the job bulldozing the farms got to stay in his home and had a job. The good guy in "Titanic" drowned the guy who jumped in the boat with the women lived and probably succeeded. That is the American way.
Harriet Tubman broke the rules, and freed many slaves, she even threatened to shoot them if they tried to give up so that she would not get caught.
The Mcdonald brothers were decent hamburger stand owners that made a lot of money but, even though they worked hard, they could not get out of the region they were in and failed in franchising. Mr Kroc came by and saw an opportunity to get rich with the McDonalds boys. He paid the price for awhile, but when the time was right he took advantage and bought them out for way below value. He saw the potential and saw the opening to cheat these men and now, Garrett can complain about the millions of fat kids happy meals.
The reality is, that we are not in a country where ordinary people do extraordinary things. We are in a country where extraordinary people do extraordinary things to succeed and stay successful for the long hall. Any of us can succeed in a short term goal with good honest labor. But history shows it takes more to stay there. The ball players are extraordinary athletes that hard work and ability got them to be superstars, but looked for the advantage in order to stay there.
The truth is that the world of success in sports or business is not achieved through a populist mindset as the movies would have you believe. It is more honestly depicted in "There will be blood" or even "The Devil wears Prada". People taking advantage of other to stay at the top even if they do not realize they are doing it at the time.

Manny is one of the best hitters in Baseball. He was as a rookie, he has been his whole career. He took a shot to stay there for his own selfish good, as well as the good of his team, and the league