Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why am I so sore from playing Softball?

I played Softball Saturday with my Neighbors Mormon softball league (that's right kids) I'll be playing on Saturdays now going forward but I am wrecked today!!! I'm thinking I can play as hard as I want now that I am in better shape, so I am swinging the bat as hard as I can, and was sprinting around the bases. The third base coach sent me home on a close play I was barely tagged out on and I was running as fast as I could. I can remember when I could do stuff like that with absolute ease and never be sore...but no longer!

Even in pretty good shape at age 35 I've got sore biceps hamstrings, back and don't even get me started on my Quads. Wow getting old is fun!!!! Someone get me some Boli and HGH (:


Serenity NOW said...

Help is on the way my friend. .)

love ya, Susan

Serenity NOW said...


My personal experience of growing older...

0-29 years, Energy level is on par with the Energizer Bunny; "Coach why do we waste time stretching?"; Party hardy to the wee hours.

30-39, first pulled muscle, now I know what the coach was talking about; first afternoon nap so we can stay out late that night; beginning to lose a step to 1st for our slo-pitch softball team.

40-49, No more slo-pitch, can't afford to go on the DL, besides, it's getting harder to bend over and tie my shoes; stretching for most activities takes as long as the activity itself; reunions and parties get over by 9pm, life is good.

50-61, body parts are beginning to be exchanged for prostheses, thank God for biomechanics. Walking is now my exercise of choice. 10pm and my lights are out. I have to set an alarm to celebrate New Year's Eve.

And time marches on....