Thursday, May 7, 2009

Silence of the Lambs quotes I use all the time

In honor of the Blu Ray are some of the obscure and non obscure lines I use all the time from the quintessential masterpiece

"Yessss" Hannibal
"Ham Handed" or a "Ham handed segway" Hannibal
"Great big fat person" Jame Gumb
"Courteous and receptive to courtesy" Hannibal
"You look like a rube" Hannibal
"It rubs the lotion on its skin" Jame Gumb
"It places the lotion in the Baaasket" Jame Gumb
"You fly back to school now Starling...Fly fly fly" Hannibal
"Caterpillar into Crysallis or Pupa" Hannibal
"Oh wait" Jame Gumb
"Have the Lambs stopped screaming?" Hannibal
"Please tell me the newspapers won't say" Hannibal
"Love your suit" Hannibal
"Don't you hurt my dog!" Jame Gumb
"Say are you about a size 14?" Jame Gumb
"Sounds charming" Hannibal
"Tell me and Don't lie, or I'll know" Hannibal
"What is your worst childhood memory" Hannibal
"Quid Pro Quo" Hannibal
"Would You?" Jame Gumb
"Pity about poor Catherine though, tick tock tick tock" Hannibal
"What does he do this man you seek?" Hannibal


Brett said...

Very nice Clarice... very nice...

You remind me of a friend I ate for dinner with a nice Chianti... :)