Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garrett Does the Thriller Dance!!


Brett said...

It's so weird - it's like it's impossible to tell the difference from the original.

Serenity NOW said...

Oh my gosh crack me up!!

Love ya, Susan

Grandma Dee said...

Only you! Now you can compete in the annual Thriller mass dances. Go online and you can find out the date. Then, I will film you doing it. You are priceless and certainly never shy in front of a camera.
Love you, you nut,

Serenity NOW said...


keep your day job.


Pauly said...

Was that from the "Nutcracker Suite"?

mike in Utah said...

Well Done. My friend. I echoe Brett, it is hard to tell the difference. With the weight loss it is like carbon copy. Like Jacko is still with us.