Friday, June 19, 2009

IPhone 3G s Video Review

Yes Indeed the new Iphone came today...and it is awesome!!!!! Tasha gets the Iphone 3g and our first gen iphone is resting for now...Because Blogger stinks and is full of bugginess....I couldn't post my first video taken from the 3gs so I one touch published to my Mobile Me account...Click the Link to watch my Review (Don't worry it's quick)


Brett said...

Very nice... does it do video in landscape? I hope so as it will fit a TV / Monitor much better. I was also wondering why it says iPhone 3g review....that is so last July. Don't you mean iPhone 3G-S review? I mean come on - where's the editing staff? On a 4 hour union lunch?

I went running this morning with my bluetooth stereo headphones - awesome! So liberating not to have dumb wire bouncing up and down in my face. iPhone rocks!

Brett McNeill

MacBook 2.2gHz; iPhone 3g

Grandma Dee said...

Very cool indeed! I love the video capability. How much is it? You know if you gave your iPhone to someone would they be able to utilize their current cell phone company since they do not have the agreement with iPhone? Just wondering.
Would have loved to have had the video capability today when Dad and I went to the Getty. Just gorgeous grounds and the restaurant was awesome.
Love you, Denise

Garrett said...

To answer your how much does it cost question varies depending on whether you are eligible for the att subsidy or not and if you want the 16 or 32 GB..if you are actually interested visit

You must use Att with an Iphone..unless you have "jailbroken" it or hacked it