Sunday, June 14, 2009

Make room for one more!!

Tonight the Lakers won the NBA Championship! It's time to make room for at least one more banner at the Staples Center!!! Congrats to Phil Jackson, Kobe and all his teammates and Jerry Buss, maybe the best owner in professional sports.


Serenity NOW said...

Indeed!!! Lakers are HOT!!!!

dole2obama said...

Best owners in sprots:
1. Al Davis
2. Frank McCourt
3. Jerry Buss

mike in Utah said...

Al Davis??? Frank McCourt??? Come on. I love my Dodgers, but McCourt has been a bust up til now.
He is no O'Malley.

Ok, I will be the guy who says Phil Jackson is over rated as a coach. He is brilliant in that he has made himself sought after enough to raise his stock so that he can dictate where he coaches. Meaning he can choose to go where the money and the player are.
He hung on the coat tales of M.J. who at one time was "the greatest player to never win a title" with the likes of Ernie Banks. Once Jordan had players around him they one and Phil got there at the right time for M.J., Pippen, Grant, and so on and was able to lure other keys to Chicago later to continue the role because they were winning. When MJ left for a few years so did the winning. When he came back so did the titles. Phil was there for the losing years as well.
Becaus of Jordan, Phil was able to choose L.A. Shaq, Kobe, Rodman etc and win.
Now to this year, doing it without the Big Man (Shaq). The Magic was not a finals team, and if it werent for 2 missed shots, L.A. would have been down 3-1. The Magic lost because they were young and inexperienced in the spot light. As a rookie, Kobe would have missed the allyoop lay up too. But now he would nail it every time.
The Magic would have probably one if they had experience. The Laker were lucky to be playing this team this year.
That said, congratulations on the title. Part of being the champ is taking advantage of the advantages you have. Phil has made a career of that.

mike in Utah said...

Now let's talk about a better L.A. coack in Pat Riley. He not only won with the Lakers in the 80's, but he also took other jobs with teams that were not in the position to win and improved them and also won with them.
I have much respect for this man who is willing to be challenged by obstacles and turn teams around as opposed to just taking a job to win titles in order to boost your own ego.
Way to go Pat.