Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tim Floyd is fired...so fired

Disgraced former USC mens basketball coach Tim Floyd

Well I had to take a moment to revel in the corrupt institution that is USC. First we hear of all kinds of shenanigans and payoffs to Reggie Bush, and then we have the evidence of at least $1000 in cash payments to OJ Mayo. I hope that the NCAA does the right thing and strips the Trojans of their national championship in football. And as for Basketball, they will never be anywhere close to the mighty Bruins.

See ya Tim Floyd! So much for all your talk about how great your Trojans would be in Basketball!!


mike in Utah said...

Every School in the NCAA does this sort of stuff. There is not a clean program out there. And anyway, I see it as no worse than PED's. It is part of the system, and how programs do it.

Garrett said...

Of course Mike, but I hate USC (:

dole2obama said...

I wonder if all the SC bandwagoners will start rooting for UCLA after "Uncle" Pete gets fired.....?