Monday, June 8, 2009

The Iphone 3Gs

Today Apple announced their 3rd release of the revolutionary device that is of course, the Iphone. The breakthrough feature this time around around is Video. And of course a much better still pic camera (3MP) with auto focus and other upgrades. Not gonna regurgitate all the features but take a look at if you are interested

Instead I'll write about what this means for me next Friday when my new 32 GB Iphone3Gs arrives at my door via FedEx (yes finally I don't have to wait in line any more)

Here is what I will always have with me..

1. An Internet Browser
2. My E-mail
3. My Phone
4. All my music
5. A GPS car navigation system (Full featured)
6. The book I am reading
7. My tv (in a wifi network with slingbox)
8. A Digital Camera
9. A Video Camera
10. Video games like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, UNO, Tiger Woods Golf (just to name a few)
11. My Day Planner
12. An Alarm Clock
13. A Voice Recorder
14. A calculator
15. A sticky note for reminders
16. My Address Book
17. Tons of Internet Radio Stations
18. Instant access to all my stocks, the weather, and sports scores
19. A great flashlight
20. Online Banking
21. Any newspaper I want
22. The ability to find, map, locate, and call any business/restaurant etc.
23. The ability to control music in all four rooms of my house.

The Iphone has become so important that it is now considered by me and many others to actually be a part of ourselves.

1. Food
2. Shelter
3. Clothing
4. Human partnership and Love
5. Iphone


Serenity NOW said...

Truly amazing!! Love ya, Susan

Brett said...

What more could be said? The only one I didn't know about was #3. How do I get my iPhone to make and receive calls?

Grandma Dee said...

Now, if it only came with a Subway sandwich!

mike in Utah said...

Are you dead serious??

I cannot believe a phone means that much to you.

I might try it if it were maybe free. But all I would use is phone part.

Paula said...

I want one!