Monday, October 26, 2009

The U2 Concert

(A view of the amazing stage setup before the concert began)

They sold out the Rosebowl in about 2 hours and there were no empty seats that I could see, including the entire floor area. U2 constructed a stage that was the best stage ever implemented in a concert setting..dubbed the "spaceship" or the "claw" it was so massive that it stopped me in my tracks when I entered the stadium. Adorned with state of the art video and lighting equipment, it allowed everyone in the audience a 360 degree view of the goings on of the concert.

The Blackeyed Peas were the perfect opening band to set the stage for what was to happen, with their funkadelic, hip hop, techno party music. The highlight was a suprise appearance by Slash who played "Sweet Child O Mine" with Fergie at the lead vocals doing her best Axl Rose imiation. They closed with their hit song with the chorus...Tonights gonna be a good, good night!

And then U2 came out and played a 2 hour and 20 minute show. Flawlessly executing all of their iconic songs I got excited and jumped up and down for "Where the Streets have no Name" And Bono allowed the audience to sing parts of "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" which I did as loud as I could. Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. have been together since the late 70's as teenagers, they have never been broken up, and none of them has ever released a solo album. Bono was playfully teasing his bandmates and himself. With any U2 concert you know there is gonna be some political part of it, but this one was the most heartfelt and meaningful I have seen. They dedicated a song to a woman in Burma that has been held as political prisoner for 20 years and it made me think of how amazingly lucky everyone at the RoseBowl was to have the freedom to enjoy this great concert. For the encore Bono wore a "laser embedded suit" that had red lasers coming out of the suit itself. (He was one upping himself from the Zoo TV tour where he wore the mirrored jacket.) At the end Bono appreciatively thanked the audience for giving the four of them an amazing life.

I said quietly "Thanks for giving us such amazing songs"


dole2obama said...

It was an amazing show that I will never forget. It was cool to see them for the first time since 1991! I hope I don't wait another 18 years to see them. I am glad that you brought up the political activism of Bono and the boys. They have always shined a light in the dark corners of the world. But what about when Bono thanked Rick Warren for his contributions to the one campaign? I think that showed huge class and shows that (Susan close your eyes) that a flaming "liberal" like Bono is interested in improving the health and welfare of people in 3rd world countries. Bono thanked the US for "putting its money where its mouth is" in leading the way for AIDs research in Africa. Perhaps an Irishman can remind us all what is important in life? Giving to those who are less fortunate is a great example that Rick Warren and Bono both practice and preach. God Bless U2!

Garrett said...

Indeed and that was one of the brightest spots of the Bush Presidency as well, his initiative to fight AIDS in Africa.

Bono is a christian and U2's music has always been laced with spirituality and christian messages. He sang "Amazing Grace" at the concert and it was awesome....therefore it didn't suprise me when he thanked America's leading evangelical pastor.

I don't like Rick Warren's hyporcisy however because he does not allow homosexuals to be members of his church. It is a sin in the Old Testament. However Rick Warren is also a Glutton, equally a sin in the Old Testament. He picks and chooses which parts of the bible to enforce and uses his tremendous power and influence to discriminate against 10-15 percent of the population who are gay, while giving a free pass to the over 50% of the population who are overweight and obese.

Brett said...

Gar, I am jealous! June 20th it is for me.