Sunday, October 4, 2009

Its done..And now it really begins

The Dodgers finally are crowned the NL West champions tonite, and are the #1 seed in the NL, assuring homefield until the WS. Lets hope the Dodgers slump is in the past, lets hope that Kershaw can duplicate his performance tonight for game 2 on my Birthday. Oh BTW....who wants to buy me a dugout club seat for game two of the NLDS? Anyone? Anyone? Hint....goto, click on tickets..postseason 2...."find seats, best available" Hint Hint Hint!


Serenity NOW said...

Congrats!! Now let's bring on a freeway World Series. Love ya

Serenity NOW said...

Anything around $250.00??? Ha, ha right?
We could pool.

dole2obama said...

Do you want two seats so you can take your brother? That is so nice, Garrett!