Thursday, October 8, 2009

Game 2 is a Birthday Classic!

As if Game 1 wasn't good enough, Game 2 of the 2009 NLDS turns out to be a classic!! After turning in a masterful 8 innings of 3 hit ball, Adam Wainwright is taken out in favor of a left handed reliever who gets Either, than their closer comes in and gets Manny, so now it's bottom of the 9th 2 outs, Dodgers down 2-1 Up comes James Loney who hits a line drive to Matt Holliday, who..what? He drops the ball, Loney is on second, Blake walks, Belliard drives in Pierre who pinch ran for Loney and we are tied!!!! Then Martin Walks and Mark Loretta slaps a base hit into left, scoring an improbable Dodgers victory and achieving the first Dodger Playoff Walkoff since Kirk Gibson....And lucky for me I was right there to catch it all, the video above was taken about 1 minute after the Dodgers Won. Oh and did I mention this all happened on my 36th Birthday?


Bible Thumpin' Mike in Utah said...

Happy B-day!

There I was listening to the game on AM 1210, the local St George Utah ESPN affiliate while I was running around town preparing for my trip to Alabama.

2 outs, Loney gets to 2nd. Blake is due up in the ninth. AND they break away for local high school (freshmen) FOOTBALL!!!

I missed the entire rally!!

I thought they probably lost, until I got home!

Serenity NOW said...

Classic, absolutely classic victory. What a GREAT birthday gift for you Garrett. Love the video too!! Love ya, Susan

P.S. Now let's hope the Angel's can go up 2-0 after tonights game!
Freeway Series........let's hope.

Sandy said...

Garrett, We agree. It was a classic game and to top it off, for it to happen on your birthday, was perfect!
We loved the video.
Love ya, Sandy and Joe

Brett said...


Sorry I haven't been posting. I was just thinking, 'man Garrett hasn't written anything in long time...' Then I checked and whoa - you sure had. I realized that when I upgraded to Snow Leopard I did a clean install and never re-added your RSS to Sorry, to have been away for so long. Oh, not that I really would say much about the Dodgers any way... but I will be reading from here on out.

Paula said...

What a GREAT game for a GREAT son on his birthday!! Happy birthday to my special first-born son! We will see you soon.

Hugs, Mom