Thursday, October 15, 2009

Phillies take game one thanks to George Sherrill

It wasn't Sherrils night tonight as he gave up a 3 run hr in the late innings that basically put the game away. The Dodgers looked good tonight, outhitting the Phillies and playing a solid game, but Clayton Kershaw fell apart in the 5th and Sherrill fell apart in the 8th, and so the stinkin Phillies are up in this series 1-0. As for me I watched the first couple innings, then went out to Tasha's birthday dinner and I didn't ask to be, but the hostess sat us with a great view of the bar with their two flatscreens that had the game on.

I'll be at the game tomorrow, and will be watching game 3 and 4 from Vegas on a CC reigonal meeting.


Serenity NOW said...

Dodgers will come back today. Tough loss. You and Matt will bring them good luck today. love ya

dole2obama said...

Pedro is will be saying "no mas" by the 4th