Thursday, July 3, 2008

Crush the Cell

(Columbian Jungle)

There is a big lesson that can be learned from the dramatic hostage rescue of three Americans and others that were held in a columbian jungle for over 5 years.  If you haven't read the news lately, the Columbian national military undertook a massive undercover op to infiltrate the Columbian rebels that were holding the hostages.  They tricked the rebels into letting the hostages board a helicopter and then talked two of them into putting their weapons down.  The "good guys" then broke cover and subdued the two rebels...and instantly told the hostages the words they had been longing to hear for so long..."We are the Columbian National Army, and you are free."  The Americans are now home with their families.  

The lesson learned is the value of good old fashioned Human Intelligence or "Humint" With the creation of homeland security we have had a lot of sucess since 9/11.  We have thwarted a few plans, and disrupted a few cells.  And we have not been attacked by Al Queada in almost seven years.  They have hit 3 times since, the club in Indionesia I think, the madrid bombing, and the London bombing.   

After 9/11 billions of dollars was spent to create a gigantic new bureauacry.  The agencies have more money now than they know what to do with.  This is good and bad.  Some of the money has certainly been wasted, and no senator can dare vote against any new spending bill for homeland security, regardless of the merits of the money allocation, for fear he or she will be branded as "soft on terror" 

Before 9/11 an american misfit named John Walker Lind (The American Taliban) who was a well to do kid in the bay area, actually met Bin Laden a few times.  And we have the traitor Adam Gahan from Orange County, who I hope will be killed or captured soon.  If it is possible for Americans like this to get this kind of access, why not send over the NOC's  (Non official cover)  These are the covert operatives who are the bravest of the brave, exceptionally talented and smart dedicated patriots.  We should streamline the CIA and the DIA and focus on infiltrating the small Al Queda cells throughout Europe and here in America.  I am sure we are already doing this to some extent, but I wish we would do more, we should focus a great deal of our Intelligence towards continuing to do this, until all Al Queda cells are crushed.  Focus on the infiltrating the cells, train more operatives at Langley.  Bring the Israeli Mossad to help train us.  Focus resources in a smart manner.  And hopefully no American will ever have to put up with what happened to us that morning in September again.