Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Always a fun time of year just before the trading deadline...we have Pudge going to the Yankees, Texiera going to Anaheim, and Manny saying "the Red Sox don't deserve me"

The Tampa Bay Rays are 3 games ahead of the Red Sox(hahahahaha) after the Sox were dismantled again by the Angels in the second series sweep in so many days.  The Dodgers are finally over .500 and are only 1 game out of 1st place in the NL West.  The hateful Giants and traditionless Padres suck this year.     Almost all the games are now in HD which makes it look amazing to watch on TV.  I would love to see the Dodgers play a team like the Cubs in the playoffs, (yes we will make the playoffs this year)       By seasons end I will have gone to about 27 Dodger games this year out of 81 total.  

Nothing in sports is more fun to watch then baseball pennant races, that's because games are played every day, and it is an incremental and satisfying process.

Go Blue!!!!



I must say watching our Angels has been heaven. This team is one of the best in a long time. Looking forward to the Dodgers making a big surge.................nothing would thrill me more than to have a LAA vs. LAD.

mark said...

So, it looks like McCourt finally did something to get a big name player who can currently still produce. Maybe he's getting antsy that the "Los Angeles" (ha) Angels are stealing his LA base thunder, and the Dodgers are being relegated to second tier status in So Cal.
Whatever the reason, the playoffs should be exciting. It does look like the Dodgers could make a surge now and get the NL West. The offseason will also be very interesting, to see if the Dodgers hold onto Ramirez, and the Angels hold on the Texiera (or however you spell it)