Wednesday, July 16, 2008


(Greg Volz--a truly gifted singer who should be worth millions by now)

When I was a strong Christian and believed in God, Jesus, and the spooky Ghost, I was into the christian rock band Petra...which myself and my two greatest friends, mark Nowlin, and Brett McNeill (who are still very strong christians)  and myself loved Petra.  And until a few days ago, I hadn't listened to much of it for at least a decade or more.  But folks I have to tell you, even though I am an Atheist now, I think that the albums, "More Power to Ya"  "Beat the System"  and "Captured in Time and Space"  are fantastic.  the main reason for this is the amazing talent of Greg X. Volz, who was the lead singer of the band until 1985...he has a 4 octave vocal range and guitarist and main song writer Bob Hartman took advantage of it during their golden years.  

Volz was offered the lead singing position of REO Speedwagon in .76, but declined because he was a born again (stupid move greg)  anyways, he remains the classic voice of evangelical christian rock.  And even though the lyrics are nonsense, the songwriting is great and he is great.


Brett said...

If the content or quantity of text messages I received last night from your regarding Volz are any indicator, you are obsessed my friend. But More Power to Ya, if you enjoy his lyrics I think it is great. You may be Looking Through Rose Colored Stainglass Windows, or may be Coloring his Songs with your own take, but I think you see something and its not just with Hollow Eyes. I do think some of your post might just be another Witch Hunt, when you Speak to the Sky, but you are willing to Stand Up. It is like you got your Second Wind, even thought it feels like you are All Over Me. This definitely isn't the Road to Zion and I wonder if Volz would consider you a Disciple or if it would feel more like Judas' Kiss???