Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Dodger!!

In the summer of 1997 in the months of bliss following our marriage, Tasha and I wanted to get a dog.  We were living in a house in Chico and it had a big enough backyard.  So Tasha and I found an ad in the paper for Chocolate Labrador puppies in the town of Durham.  We drove out there to look at them and as soon as we saw the puppies bounding towards us it was game over.  There were a few females and we picked out the one that was the least hyper.  We wrote out a check for 200 dollars, and we took home our new puppy.  That was almost eleven years ago and Dodger is still with us today.  She has lived in Chico, Ventura, Bakersfield, and now Valencia.  She is a natural retriever, loves the water, and running around.  I would say her highlight is the four year span we lived in Ventura.  She got to go on constant walks and run around in the surf with no leash.  Now she is happy here, and even though she is a bit slower and older we still let her into our pool every so often.  

Happy 11th Birthday Dodger Dog!!!



Happy belated birthday Dodger. I hope you have a fun time in Mammoth. love ya, Susan

Grandma Dee said...

11 years old! She is still fit and able to run 5 miles in Mammoth and swim in the river. You go, girl! I just love Dodger and she is so sweet. HOpe she has fun in Mammoth on her vacation. Love, Grandma Dee