Friday, July 25, 2008

Me and Alyssa Milano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OH MY Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I get a picture with the girl I have had a crush on for 20 years since she played Samantha on "Whos the Boss"  The Stunningly beautiful Alyssa!!!!!!  Thanks to Matt, who reluctantly was my wingman on this mission.  
P.S.  I'll take you inside the process folks....I had my camera in my hand ready and every half inning was prepared for her to get up to walk by.. finally after the bottom of the eighth Alyssa and her friend got up to leave, the only way out was past me, so I convinced Matt to take the pic....I Caught her eye and asked for a picture with her, she said sure, but then much to my horror, my brother had temporarily frozen and was still sitting in his seat four rows up....So I went to plan B...I held up my camera out with my hand to prepare to take a picture of myself and her the best I could, I said to her as I was preparing to take a self potrait with her in it, "Well this kind of awkward"  And she favored me with a laugh.  Just then Matt snapped into action, took the camera and got the pic.  I thanked her and told her I liked her blog, she thanked me....sigh.....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

It was quite a Dodger game tonight, Austin Kearns of the Nationals decided to lose his bat, which came helicoptering out of his hands, skipped off the railing of the section that separates the field box from the dugout club, clipped a gentleman in his forehead, and the came to rest two rows in front of us as it knocked a womans nachos all over her tanktop blouse and shoulders, she was covered in salsa and nacho cheese sauce.   I actually stood up as this was happening hoping I would add a live bat to the two live foul balls I have caught in my life.  This is where it got funny... one of the usher ladies runs over and starts grabbing the bat out of the fans hands, "Give the bat back!! Give it back!! You need to give me the Bat!! "  This ole pitbull of an usher was more concerned with getting back the bat then if fans were injured!! They finally gave them the bat back an inning later...BTW if you were watching channel 9 live, you saw me on TV clear as day.  

(These aren't the people that got hit, but these kids wanted to look at the flying bat)


And finally, we have a second celebrity picture that is nowhere near as exciting, but Larry King was nice enough to pause and oblige.


dole2obama said...

Is that Brett Michales in the background?

"you just got hit in the face? Give me the bat."
-Dodger usher a.ka. bat nazi

"Hit in the face equals bat"
-Matt Riley

"Garrett, do you want to play Edward40hands?"
-Mike Jacobs

Tasha Riley said...

"A-O, O-A"

Some wives might be jealous of this life long crush. Good thing I liked "Who's The Boss".

Paula said...

Wow..what a night!! Never a dull moment at a Dodger game!!!

Love you, Mom


Awesome night at Dodger stadium!!!! Super photos. However I do believe that Tasha is an EXTREMELY patient and secure wife. I am quite sure that I probably would have sent Dennis out to the south forty on the comment of your having the crush on the gal. I know that Tasha is the love of your life and always will be so it sounds like you both have your "wows", like we all do. It was great seeing you all even though it was only for a short time. Kevie and Zach are sooooooooooo cute. Both wanting to show off their latest awesome things they can do in the pool. Loved every second. Love you all, Auntie Susan and Uncle Mennis

Ty said...

That sure is a nice big cheezy smile on your face. I think your other picture of Alyssa is better since you can see all of her face.

If you got that bat, would you have ran from the bat nazi or perhaps start swinging for the fence on the bat nazi?

Ryan Finley said...

Good for you!!!! To be honest, I wouldn't know who she is if she walked into our house naked carrying a pizza. I guess I never watched who's the Boss. I didn't realize how many celebrities go to Dodger games or how good your seats are.

Grandma Dee said...

Garrett, you made me laugh alot. What a riot about the bat. Nasty usher. And, oh wow on Alyssa. You have been talking about her forever. Good for you. So funny that you were going to take your own pic. I don't think ANYONE has as much fun at a Dodger game as you do.
Love you, Grandma Dee