Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eric Clapton "Unplugged"

I remember I was driving to Peninsula High School in January of my senior year and I was listening to "Mark and Brian" on 95.5 KLOS.  They were talking about this incredible show that was on MTV called Unplugged.  They said it was an all acoustic set with Eric Clapton performing some hits and other not so well known songs, including an amazing reworking of "Layla".  They said it was incredible, and looking in the TV Guide (haha) I found that it was going to be replayed, so I found a bland tape and programmed the VCR (double haha) to record this.  After seeing it I thought it was very cool, and then as I was going to college, they released it on a CD.  Once this had happened news of the album spread quickly.  Everyone from high school kids, to the middle aged seemed to have bought this CD, and everyone enjoyed it.  Everyone from Paul McCartney to Nirvana to Sting followed suit and put out their own unplugged performance.  

What makes this album so special?  It is simple, classic, and timeless.  It is peaceful and relaxing and it makes you feel good to listen to it.  It can be listened to in all sorts of settings.  

How bout you guys?  What were your impressions upon hearing this Album?  Comments?


Brett said...

truly a timeless classic. Let's just say it was on my iPhone on the very first sync.