Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Video Announcement


Serenity NOW said...

OMG another classic. I must admit I was a little taken back yesterday when I first saw you with your new look BUT you look really, really good with your head shaved. Much better than trying to hang on to hair that just isn't there anymore. Like Trump who combs what little hair he has from one ear, over the top of his head to the other ear............crazy!! You wear bald very well my friend.

Love ya, Susan

Brett said...

Your song choice was perfection.

Of course, if you want examples of full heads of hair - Mark, Glenn Ford and myself would be willing to send pictures for your use... :)

Pauly said...

How did you escape from the concentration camp?

Serenity NOW said...

You look great!! Not many people can shave their heads and look as good as you do!
Love ya, Susan

Grandma Dee said...

Bald IS beautiful! And I think you look great. Not everyone has a nicely shaped head like you and that makes a huge difference. It is also sooo in style. It's a great look. Now add a black tee shirt and a black blazer with cool jeans and you are HOT, my man! You know that Brooke (my goddaughter) is married to a handsome guy who started losing alot of his hair so at 27 he shaved his head and it looks great too. Good for you!
Love you lots,

Serenity NOW said...

Hey Cue:

I love it. Johnny Redondo would be proud of you. Once you tan that mellon, you'll be stylin'.


Sandy said...

Garrett, what can I say except: YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!!!
Can't wait to see you in person with the new look.
Love ya

namie said...

I think you look terrific Garrett and I love you.

Love, Grandma/Namie

Paula said...

You are so handsome, that you can wear your hair ANY WAY, Garrett. I can't wait to see it in person!
I didn't think that little ol patch in the back was very've just lost a teensy bit of hair. But it is fun to try a new look!
Love you much, Mom

Baptist Mike In Oregon said...

Congratulations Garrett.

I loved the concentration camp comment.