Monday, February 2, 2009

Why Sirius/XM Radio is obsolete

I loved Satellite radio and have had it for years and years now.  What was so cool about it was the different types of music you could get, and then shortly after I discovered O&A and then the holy grail, MLB all games all season (for a sales rep techno geek this was awesome!)   

But XM was dead the day the Iphone software version 2.0 with the famous App store.  Once you could install apps like Pandora, or AOL Radio on your phone, you now had everything satellite could do in terms of music with a significant difference..those apps are FREE!  Also I am a huge O&A fan but I download them every day through which partners with XM.  And now with the MLB Iphone app having gameday radio for this season..(even better than satellite because it includes a choice of home or away broadcasts of every baseball game for probably about 20 bucks a year)  As long as I can get a cell signal, I am golden.  XM radio didn't work well in a hotel room, you needed a view of the sky.  Oh also Slingbox is working on an app for Iphone so pretty soon I'll be able to watch live TV (like any sports event on my Iphone)

So when the 250 dollar renewal for 2 years comes month...I'm not renewing......Satellite radio will go away and in five years the company will sell off their content to other providers and the WIMAX standard will hopefully be in place.

Today I deactivated one of our two XM Radios, but for now we are going to continue with our other one and have it be in Tasha's car, she loves her Oprah and Friends, the boys love the kids channel, and Tasha loves her Jesus Pop Music.


Serenity NOW said...

These times they are a changing!!

Grandma Dee said...

Thanks for the tips on the iPhone apps. I wrote them down and will try them. Now, I know why you love the iPhone. I love all the changes and creations that they come up with. Can't wait to try the AOL radio for when I walk at the beach with Indy.

I will try to download my iTunes to my device today. Hope it works.


Brett said...

You are correct sir! The problem where technologies used to last a while - they are being replaced so quickly now by newer technologies it makes the head spin. Of course it's nice for people like me who skipped the whole satellite radio thing to begin with (not for lack of desire). But the mobility of the phone based music is great.

Bring on the iPhone 2,1 (June baby!)

mark said...

Gar, you have amazing powers to see the future. I saw an article today talking about the imminent bankruptcy of Sirius/XM and possible takeover of Echostar. There was no mention of iPhone, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.