Thursday, February 5, 2009

Michael Phelps

I have had it with the righteous sanctimony of those condemning Michael Phelps.  The guy went to a college party and smoked Pot.  

BIG FREAKIN DEAL!!! After spending years in the pool every day for seven hours a day and accomplishing an amazing feat guess what He earned it!  I wouldn't care if he does blow off of a strippers "you know what"  As long is he does not "cheat" use blood doping agents, HGH etc, he is fine.  He is taking a little break from the pool.  Guess what?  Many people be it athletes, students, attorneys, will after working for a prolonged period of time BLOW OFF STEAM!  How many of you reading this have engaged in an alcohol binge, or a soft drug binge, or an eating binge after you have "EARNED IT" by accomplishing a goal?  I think most of you have and as long as you don't do it all the time...  It's a perfectly healthy thing to do, it's called being human.

But I'll tell you what is not healthy...Kellogg's and their Sugar enriched cereals.   The nerve of this stupid company dropping their endorsement of him for engaging in "unhealthy" behavior.   Eating Sugar Pops and Frosted Flakes is not good for you at all and can cause a milleu of health problems.  

I support Michael Phelps 100 percent and he does not deserve this crap!  And the person who leaked this photo is a scumbag.  

Swimmings decision to suspend him for 3 months is too severe, he didn't violate any anti-doping regulations, I understand they had to do something but how bout a was just marijuana!   Why is it "bad" that there is a picture doing a bong hit, but it would be "fine" if he was drinking a glass of wine?  


Serenity NOW said...

When you strive for the GOLD and all the fame, glory and money that comes with it as Phelps has done you have to pay the price. The price for the fame, glory and millions of children looking up to you can be a very heavy burden, indeed which Phelps is finding out right now. I don't begrudge him for living a somewhat normal life, However when you are getting paid millions to be a role model and spokes person for xyz company there are conditions that go along with that. If Phelps simply wanted to win all the gold and not get paid for it then I think it would be a different story. But it basically boils down to personal responsibility which is so lacking in the world of sports and politics. There are good choices and bad choices and Phelps made a very bad choice. Live by the sword and die by the sword.

Love ya, Susan

Garrett said...

I'm gonna take a different tact here folks, instead of debating my Aunt Susan I would like to thank her for stating her opinion

Brett said...

I would take something of a via media here. While in many ways I sympathize with Garrett, the simple reality is sponsor's buy an image that goes with someone - as Tom Hanks says at the end of the Simpson's Movie - 'I have agreed to lend my credibility...'

Phelps has to realize that the money will only keep coming so long as he is profitable to a company (I think OJ has started to learn this). Of course the reason the sponsor is going to give for ending the relationship is something like 'this isn't healthy...' but the real reason is, 'this isn't profitable anymore.' But they can't say that. But do you really think the corporate execs at Kellogg's care about pot use? But if they say that they look bad and that isn't profitable. So their firing of a sponsor has to be done in a way that is marketable and helps the brand's image. It is like a politician who takes time off for health and family reason - i.e., a scandal is about to break....

Quite frankly (IMO) people who look to athletes or celebrities to figure out how to live or what to eat need help. But that is a rant I've played before... :)

dole2obama said...

Garrett-Would you be mad at Phelps if he snorted Sugar Pops off a strippers "you know what?"

On the side note of "personal responsibility which is so lacking in sports and politics", here is a list of people who enjoy the hippie lettuce:

George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
Andrew Jackson

We also can include the following in our list of stoners:

Laura Bush
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Sarah Palin
John Wayne

And let us not forget these wastoids:
Peggy Noonan
William F Buckley,

All of these cats liked to smoke a joint, and you know what? It is better for you than your glass, or glasses of wine each night.

Serenity NOW said...

Oops, Matt it looks like you forgot to add BHO's name to the Presidents list of smoker's and doper's. I am sure it was an oversight on your part. Seems to me he had quite a marajuana habit in high school and then moved on to blowing "snow" in college!!
Now it's just cigarettes!!

Love ya, Susan

P.S. The last time I looked wine and beer are legal!

dole2obama said...

I did not add our commander-in-chief because he was open and honest about his past drug use. He did not lie or "refuse to answer" like W did about his cocaine use. I respect his honesty. Your President decided to treat the voters like adults and did not lie or mislead them about his past as Bush and (shocker) Clinton did.

Serenity NOW said...

I get it now. If one admits to using illegal drugs than that makes it o.k. and all is forgotten. I guess it's much like NOT paying your taxes and when nominated for a position in BHO's adminstration THEN you come clean and say it was an oversight.....
you betcha!! Love ya

dole2obama said...

I can feel an Edwards battle brewing! So this will be my last word on this post. If you think weed is part of "personal responsibility that is so lacking in polits" than you must hold Palin, W, Laura Bush etc to the same standard. You can't see Obama's past drug use as a negative or believe that it shows some deficancy in his character and ignore W's cocaine use. (Or his DUI cover-up) It is the same principle of you introducing a Democrat not paying his taxes as an example of Obama's sins while conveniently ignoring Ted Stevens or the gay antics of Larry Craig or the homosexual pedophile roaming the halls of congress. You pick and choose what you want to get upset about based on the D or the R next to their name. I'll take not paying your taxes over cruising for dudes in male restrooms,or sending sexual messages to underage boys, (Republican "moral" politicians) but that's just me. Love you

Serenity NOW said...

Personal responsibility in large part is a HUGE problem with athelete's and politician's no matter what side of the aisle they are on. In fact one could apply the lack of p.r. to many in the general public. However you accuse me of only pointing out flaws on the "left." However for the most part you do the same when it comes to the "right." If you look at my first post on this subject you will see that what I said was personal responsibility is lacking in sports and in politics. I didn't say sports and the "left" in politics. So let us lay down our arms and move on. It's the right thing to do. love ya

Baptist Mike In Oregon said...

Why is anyone suprised by this?

First, this guy is not all that bright. He needs to just keep flapping his giant finlike hands through the water and winning gold medals. Whenever i have heard this idiot speak on TV, he comes accross as about as employable is the Mcdonalds worker guy from the Town Hall meeting last week. He is an empty shell that is super athletic. He is the best competative swimmer in the world. He is not a hero or anything all that special beyond that.

Second, four years ago, didn't this same dufus get in trouble right after the olympics for dui or underage drinking or something. I remember he did something stupid that was a scandal back then as well.

I dont know about the role model stuff and being paid millions for that. He is being paid to sell products for companies and when he gets caught in a scandal they want to have good PR so they pull sponsorship etc. They dont care if he is a role model or even a decent guy, just their own public image. I would not be shocked if he had been at company parties with the ceos passing around a bong in the past, but since he was with college kids with no PR buffer to protect him, he got caught.

Now to the personal responsibility subject. If it was 1992, President Obama, I really dont believe would have been open about his drug use at the time. Nor do I think President Clinton would have lied if he were running in 2008. But we can never know that for sure or not. But, am I to understand that personal repsonsibility is defined by how much you try to cover up a thing? It is fine to beat up your wife or kids, or do drugs etc as long as you are open about it?? Then we can overlook these transgressions?? Maybe I am misunderstanding.

Mike Jacobs said...

Most people don't care that Phelps smokes pot most people only care that he wins medals for the US. It is interesting to know that phelps smokes regularly and if a nine gold medal winner smokes, is it really as harmful as our government tells us it is?