Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Hot Sauce Post is dedicated to Uncle Dennis

Daves Insanity Sauce will kill you

Siracha, the best hot sauce I have ever come across

From the beginning of my blog...a way back in 08 ole Uncle D has been trying to get me to do a post on Hot Sauce...So here we go......

I have a very high tolerance for almost all types of hot sauce....for many years I dumped Tabasco on everything I would eat....But about 2 years ago I started buying Siracha which is a chile paste that you squirt out of a bottle like mustard.  The stuff is great and I have not found a tastier hot sauce in all my days....Since Tabasco is more common then Siracha I still douse it on everything I eat when I am at a restaurant or whenever Siracha is not available......

FYI.....There is one Hot Sauce that I cannot take whatsoever, it is called "Daves Insanity Sauce"  this is the hottest sauce I have ever come across, there are warnings all over the bottle.   I put a few drops on my tongue and experienced a lasting pulsating effect.  So there it is folks, Siracha, I go through the stuff like it is ketchup!


Serenity NOW said...

I'm humbled...thank you for this blog. If you talkin' hot sauce, you must be feeling better. That's great.

Topacio is my choice of sauce right now. Medium spicey, not a scorcher. You'll find it in most Mexican restaurants too. Trader Joes has a good one, not sure what they call it.

Personally, when the sauce gets to hot I can't taste the food and I have to wash it down with a cold beer...hummmm, in retrospect, not all that bad.

Uncle D