Friday, February 27, 2009

MLB Network and the technology of sports

Chico CA, 1995......I missed being able to hear the Dodgers on the radio, and the only time I could ever see them is if it was an ESPN game, they played the Giants, or they played the Braves. (This fact didn't stop by Aunts from calling once or twice to ask me if I was "watching the game")

But I discovered that I could get the broadcast out of the Vegas affiliate if the sun was there were nights that I was sitting out in my car in the parking lot listening to the games "Raul Mondesi has just hit a grand slam" I can still remember Ross Porter telling me through static....

Anyways here we are in 2009 and nearly everything I have ever wanted has come true...Anyone can hear every broadcast of every game of every sport MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, ATP, PGA, NASCAR live from anywhere in the country...and now with the gameday audio app for iphone I can listen to radio broadcasts of all 2430 MLB games if I wanted to......With Slingbox and the upcoming app for iphone I can sling my home tv through the internet for free and WATCH all my sports from anywhere in the 3g network. With Sunday ticket, Mlb extra innings, Nhl center ice, and nba package, you can watch all the games for your sport...(If we moved to Seattle to be closer to Brett, I would still be able to watch about 150 Dodger games with the package)

MLB network is a channel devoted solely to baseball, and it is better the NFL, NBA, and NHL counterparts, the studio broadcasts are in full hi def and they have an indoor replica field where they can demonstrate plays.......It is a great time to be a sports fan and a techno-geek!!!!

Go Dodgers!!!! Go Kings!!!! Go Raiders!!!!!! Go Lakers!!!!!


Serenity NOW said...

Life is good my friend!! love ya

dole2obama said...

Love that you stay loyal to your teams and DO NOT BANDWAGON!

Baptist Mike In Oregon said...

I remember those same northern california night games on the radio. @ 8:14 PM the sound of Vin Scully would slowly come in as I sat atop of Oroville Dam in my car.
I remember when you got that baseball pager thing and you called MMW to say you saw the dodgers bat around in and an inning and Mondesi hit a pair of home runs. Technology has come a long way wind you were watching those dots on the basepaths.