Monday, June 15, 2009

"True Blood"

"Six Feet Under" was one of the greatest Dramas in TV history, so when I heard Alan Ball was going to start another series and this time make it about about Vampires, I had to check it out. Last Fall from the first episode on, I was hooked.

In this world, as opposed to Stephanie Meyers, Vampires cannot go out in the daytime or they will burn up, silver will burn their skin, and of course they need to feed to survive. But miracle of all miracles, a Japanese company has created a synthesized version of human blood, that meets all their nutritional needs. True Blood has allowed vampires to "mainstream" into society. It is against this background that Vampire Bill Compton walked into Merlottes bar and met Sookie Stackhouse. Like all great TV Dramas, this show has all the key ingredients...Characters you love, and interesting storylines. I was very excited last night with the premiere episode of this "guilty pleasure"

*************Update*******The Season 2 Premiere episode of True Blood was the highest rated show on HBO since the finale episode of "The Sopranos"