Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And now another installment of "If Garrett Ran the World"

"My doctor tells me I have 'joint problems'"

I now call on Veterinary offices, and pretty much all of them have posters saying something like, "If your Pet is even a little overweight...." And then it lists the ailments such as, joint issues, heart issues, high blood pressure, hypertension..and on and on it goes. Vet techs, receptionists, doctors have no problem openly discussing with an owner that their pet is overweight.....Now you see where I am going with this folks....

Its no different for People!! Morgan Spurlock brilliantly put it in his documentary "Supersize me" it is much easier for people to talk openly to smokers about the clear health hazard smoking presents, but it is no different of a hazard watching an obese person eat a cheeseburger. Obesity takes years off of your life and makes you miserable. There is no one on earth who is fat and obese that is happy being that way. I speak from personal experience, it affects nearly every aspect of your everyday life FOR THE WORSE.

Yes I know this is America, and people have the right to overeat and not exercise, and they have the right to smoke, and do things that are bad for them. But there are limits to these rights, smoking in public is pretty much banned because it affects other people. So do whatever you want as long as it doesn't effect me or pose a collective negative effect on where our valuable tax dollars go. It is time for some harsher measures when fat people effect our lives negatively....

1. Healthcare==I am so sick of hearing a fat person talk about their joint problems or diabetes (gee I wonder why you have those ailments)... A primary reason why our healthcare system is so messed up is because of obese people seeking treatment, (yes there are other reasons but that is for another day.) I propose the following, anyone with a BMI over 30 must go to a completely separate healthcare facility and be forced to pay huge premiums for coverage. I do not want to go to any hospitals or out patient facilities and see huge fat people with their gout and diabetes...go to your separate facility!!

2. Airplanes=====If your ass doesn't fit in the seat, or if your fat rolls spill over to the person next to you, then you aint flying!!!

There are many others folks you get the idea....

This has been another installment of...."If Garrett Ran the World!"


Let Freedom Ring said...

We pay for smokers, drinkers,obesity, mental illness, etc.,etc. with higher premiums. While I don't like it I don't believe it's right to single out one certain group. In fact I don't believe it's any of our business if someone chooses to abuse their bodies. After all that's why we live in the greatest country in the world...........let freedom ring!

Love ya, Susan