Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mark McGwire Talks about the Past

So two things happened while I was at my Nat Sales meeting that I have covered on my blog before...McGwire (PEDS) and Pat Robertson's sickening comment about how the Haitian earthquake was Haiti's fault because they made a "pact with the devil"---Im sure that you all know my opinion of both these events, I'll skip the two bit Televangangelist for now and talk about Big Mac.

I was disgusted by the hypocrisy of former Hall of famers and other like Goose Gossage, and the moral sanctimony of sportswriters who govern entry into the hall of fame. I LOVE sports as all of you know, I amazed at the skill of Orel Hershisher said, "The average person couldn't even STAND in the batters box, much less make any sort of contact against a major league pitcher." There are only a handful of people on the planet who are skilled enough to be major league hitters and since the days of Cap Anson, they have all tried to get a competitive edge...from stealing signs, to drinking alcohol, to corking bats, to taking amphetamines, to Beta Blockers, to Laser Eye Surgery, to Cortico-Steroids, (cortisone shots are steroids taken to help a player recover faster from an injury, sound familiar?) To drinking 15 cups of coffee, to doing sudafed, and on, and on, and on. There was no policy in the MLB against Steroids the entire time McGwire played Baseball....Steroids as I have said till I am blue in the face have a unfair negative connotation. They are simply a synthesized version of a hormone produced naturally in the body. They do not kill you...they did not kill Lyle Alzado....Tylenol is thousands of times more dangerous and is way more of a killer then steroids. Tasha took steroids for 25 years of her life. You wanna make the point that Mac should not be in the hall of fame because he took a drug w/o a prescription? Is that it? Cause it wasn't against the rules in baseball. I guess by that logic you should keep someone out of the Hall because they borrowed their friends Statin pills, or throw me in jail if I would have taken one of my Dad's ambiens he offered me. Why is Phil Niekro in the Hall of Fame? He blatantly cheated and was proud of it going against the rules of baseball to get an unfair advantage against the hitters. All the while baseball had a clear policy against such "unfair advantages" I don't get it and it makes me sick. Mark McGwire deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and he will get cheers from me when I see him the Ravine this summer when the Cards come into town.

Here's another day Ty Cobb ran into the stands and almost beat a crippled man to death during a game because the man called him a "White N" Why is he in the Hall of Fame and Charlie Hustle isn't?


Bible Thumpin' Mike in Nor-Cal said...

I have read your post several times to see where I might not agree. Well, nope, not really. Pat Robertson is an absolute idiot. I do not understand why he is in anyway relevant to anything.

And Mark McGwire is a cheater as much as all the rest of MLB is. Ty Cobb is one of my all time favorites (best player ever in my mind). He had a mental advantage because guys were scared of him with his sharpened cleats. Babe Ruth is a legend, by that I mean it almost seems like he did not really exist. When you think of him you picture the black and white film and him jogging around the bases, but it seems almost imaginary. All players have advantages from batting helmets, bats with thin handles, and so on to physical health benefits and luxory. Come on those old timers made very little money, would hold jobs in the off season at the mill, road in old buses on road trips, crooked owners etc. The guys today fly private jets, have the best hotels, legal nutritional supliments and so on, AND it took this long to see these records fall. It only adds to the greatness of the old timers.

I say let us have great baseball. Let them heal quicker. Let the records fall, even with that happening, they will never reach the romantic legendary status of Ruth, Gerhig, DiMaggio, Duke Snider, Cobb, Shoeless Joe, Ott, Wagner, etc..

Let them go get their edge within the rules. If not, make a rule picthers can only throw fast balls, I would hate for them to throw off speed or other fancy pitches they create.

Also, to all these fans that complain about this. Dont let me see you sneaking down for a better seat in the 5th inning to get a spectator edge!

Brett said...

I don't really care about Mark McGwire and I care about Robertson even less.... but when I don't post comments you think I don't love you any more and I do, baby... Ike still loves you baby. Please forgive Ike.

Let Freedom Ring said...

Robertson should be tossed. What he said was absolutely disgusting in the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti!

Mark McGwire and the PEDS admission is no surprise. If I remember right didn't he testify in front of Congress that he did NOT use PEDS? If so he lied. Why come out now?

Love ya,


dole2obama said...

Preach on brother, preach!

BTW I now know why Tasha flips out of all the time and has a hair-trigger temper: roid-rage.