Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grabbaggar reviews "Avatar"

Those loyal readers out there know that I rarely go to movie theaters anymore...prefering to wait until the Blu Ray release...but I couldn't miss this one. James Cameron delivers a MASTERPIECE of visual effects. Actually he reinvents the form....the 3D effects are like nothing we have ever seen before and quite honestly make me wish that I could live another 100 years and have perfect eyesight forever because this is only the beginning of a revolution in the way we watch movies. And it is a leap forward in CGI..the effects have taken the biggest leap forward since the Matrix gave us "bullet time" Some of the scenes are indescribable, so I encourage everyone out there to see it!!


Grandma Dee said...

Tried to go see it locally today, but my acupuncturist said it MUST be seen at the IMAX theatre. Will try to go see it on Wednesday or Thursday. How about those Oscar nominations?!