Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Ipad

Today Steve Jobs (blessed be his name) announced and demo'd the Ipad...I encourage everyone who is curious to please go to and check out the keynote address....Jobs is a master presenter and I look forward to this bi-annual keynotes with the anticipation of Christmas morning. In his keynote address Jobs announced that they had just recently sold their 250 millionth well as posted a 4th quarter revenue of around 15 billion dollars. I can't think of another company where one man is almost singly responsible for this and it is just astounding. Apple does everything so much better than other companies...when people ask me what I think about the Droid, or the new Blackberry I have to check myself from preaching a diatribe to them..suffice to say, no one builds better computers, music players, and smartphones then Apple, it's a joke to even suggest any competitors in the same breath as the Iphone, Mac, or Ipod. And Steve Jobs is the leader in all of it...I was talking to Brett today and he brought up a good point that Jobs is equal parts, techno genius, visionary, brilliant business savvy, and has great charisma....Try saying that about Bill Gates!

So Jobs (may he live forever) gave us the next big thing which I will obtain without question, and use as constantly as my iphone....there are so many features that it has that I can't wait to play with....the MLB app alone is worth the price!! I have to quote Ryan my neighbor and his point that he brought up...he said, "I have my laptop with me to surf on the web on the couch all the time, this will be so much better"


Let Freedom Ring said...

It looks very, very cool. I agree, Jobs is an amazingly brilliant person. And thankfully, it looks as if he has beaten back the cancer that threatened to end his life way too soon.

Love ya, Susan

Brett said...

Blessed?!?! Cursed! Cursed is his Steveness. He keeps delivering things that I didn't know I couldn't live without. So now I have to find money I don't have to buy something that I can't live without... Curse him!