Friday, August 1, 2008

Sirius Xm

I have had XM satellite radio for about 6 years now and I am very happy with the merger with Sirius.  I chose XM initially because they were the biggest and the best, they had better hardware, and a better network of repeaters....then along came the addition of the Opie and Anthony show, which I became hooked on in January of 2005, and have been listening to faithfully ever since.  The big get for XM however was MLB (every game all season long) this gave baseball fans the ability to listen to every single baseball game played with a constantly updating score on the display..It doesn't matter if I am sailing on a boat in key west, or standing on the top of pikes peak, I can listen to the Dodger game on the radio crystal clear.  XM had a clear lead on Sirius until Mel Karmazin payed Howard Stern a half a billion dollars to join his company...this resulted in a couple million subscribers and Sirius was starting to catch up, they never caught up hardware wise though, as they never got anything like the Pioneer Inno.   
When people would ask me what service to go with I would always recomend XM, unless they were Howard fanatics.  The music channels are basically the same, the only difference was Sirius had Howard Stern, every NFL game, and every NBA game.  XM had Opie and Anthony, every MLB game and every NHL game.....Now however it is one big happy family!  I am excited about hearing some of the new channels and the fact that basically every new car made today will have satellite radio in it.  
To those who don't want to "pay for radio"....We spend almost 100 dollars a month to watch TV even though we can get TV for free.  It only costs 13 a month for satellite radio, why not try it?  Especially now that you can get everything!


Brett said...

What if I am not a MLB, NHL, NFL, or NBA fan? What if I think Stern is a joke and I have no idea who Opie and Anothy are? If that is the case - all I need is the music. And I have Pandora which is free. So $13 isn't bad, but free is better. Peace!

dean said...

I am very excited by this merger and still scratching my head by all the red tape to make this happen; it took longer than Exxon/Mobil. I'm looking forward to MLB and pulling some XM music a la carte.