Monday, June 30, 2008

Global Warming

There is no scientific proof that any current earth warming  is caused by greenhouse gases through human activity.  We live on a planet that replenishes its ozone through the power of the sun (much like superman)  Is "global warming" an urgent problem like Al Gore would have us believe?  No!!!  Al Gore is doing his powerpoint for attention, money, and fame.  And I can't really blame him, but he is a hypocrite, he spends thousands per month on electricity which fuels his Tennessee mansion.  

Science and Geology have shown that warming and cooling trends do and have occured in the earths 4.5 billion years of existence.  This is caused by the inconstant nature of the sun, solar winds, and variations in clouds.  There is basically nothing we can do to stop the earth from cooling or warming, or getting hit by a meterorite for that matter!  

I am for curbing pollution, clean air and such...and I don't like throwing trash into the ocean.  But my reasons for this are health related, not warming related.  What we need is facts, not hype and false alarmism, but sober facts.  We have a lot of problems in this world, I argue we can expend more resources to solve diseases like cancer and "real" things that threaten our health and well being as a species.  

The global warming preachers remind me of religious dogma, with Al Gore being the pope, and carbon credits playing the part of indulgences.  Al Gore should have never won the Nobel Prize for his nonsense.  If we would have stopped all industrial production 50 years ago and told China and Russia to do the same, that glacier would have still melted Al!!  

Global Warming zealots "feel" that they are doing a good thing, with their wide eyed fanaticism.  I wish they would understand the there is no "threat" and they would put their well meaning activism towards doing something real.


Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Well said,
especially your last sentence.


A perfect 10!! You know me I am not one that shys away from posting my feelings on subjects but this post is right on!!! There isn't one thing I could add.
I agree with it all, right down to Al Gores scare tactics and his unworthy winning of the Nobel Peace Prize!! love ya, Susan

dole2obama said...

Garrett- First of all, your statement that there is no scientific proof that global warming is caused by humans is false. You can't pick and choose what you want to believe to suit your argument. (sound familiar?) If you want to state your opinion you should present it as your opinion and not as a fact. If you choose to ignore or claim the evidence is false you are free to do so. (ex. O.J. jury) Why do you say that Gore is only in it for the money, fame, recognition etc but you idolize Hollywood actors, singers and comedians, (ex. Dana Carvey, Sting, Jack Nicholson) What are they in it for? It seems as if you have two sets of standards for people, those you like and those you do not like. What is the downside to reducing a carbon omissions or do you feel that because you are an American you can pollute as much as you like? I am very curious as to why you do not want to reduce, reuse and recycle? Why not take a look at what we are doing and how we can improve? Do we just say I want to drive my big car and eat crap all day and I don't want to change?

Garrett said...

Allright Matthew, you and Paul are the tag teaming Green Brothers (:

Point one, Scientists disagree on the causes of global warming, there is not an absolute consensus of scientific proof, that may change, if I see the evidence I'll gladly change my post, that's what science is skeptical and always a filtering system for information. If I was willing to concede your and Paul's point I would argue that if you add up all the causes of global warming: natural events like volcanos erupting under the poles, variations in the sun, and natural warming and cooling cycles have far more to do with it than humans.

Our temperatures went up during 1910-1945 then they decreased until 1975 and now they have gone up again since 1976...OK how much of that is due to "humans" I would reason that there was more human activity between 45-75 then there was from 10-45 right? Why then did the temperatures go down then? And now we are seeing temperatures similar to the earlier part of the century, maybe a few blips higher.

What are the real facts? You say I am distorting the facts, but Al Gore hyped his facts in order to scare people. I call for a reasonable solution.

I also don't get your vehemence when I said right in my post that I am for curbing pollution, I am for clean air, and I don't like throwing things in the ocean.

I think it is funny that you criticized McCain for fear mongering terrorism, but it's OK for Al Gore to do the same? I don't get it, you are picking and choosing what you agree with as well here.

Al Gores entire life and reputation is staked on the fight against global warming, yet he spends 10's of thousands on his electricity bill...and then says that it is OK because he buys "carbon credits" Sting, Carvey, and Nicholson don't preach to me about how I should live my life, they entertain me. They are transparent....well Sting is a big enviornmentalist, but that is not his life, his life is music. And I don't see him with a machete chopping down the
Amazonian rain forest.

comparing me to an OJ Simpson Juror is very cute.

There is a downside for reducing carbon emissions when it interferes with business interests, or drives the cost of our goods and services higher causing hardship for "working" families. For example lets say the government decides that food has to be processed in a different way because the way food is now processed contributes to greenhouse gases. so the food is processed differently and it leads to higher food prices...there is your downside. That's just one of many hypotheticals I can think of.

We need to curb the hysteria and find a balance that is all I was saying in my post.

Pauly said...

OK, let's try this again.

Big Gar,

You are right that there is a lot of fear mongering going on with global warming, like religion or politics. No body can say with any certainty what is going to happen in the future, but many have worst case scenarios to persuade you.

How much did Exxon/Mobile pay you to post this blog? Most of the "scientists" who claim that global warming either doesn't exist or is not influenced by man are funded by them. It is universally accepted that global warming is occurring, and there is indisputable evidence that our behavior is contributing to it. What is debatable is by how much and what the end result will be.

What we do know is that human devolopment since the industrial revolution has been absolutely catastrophic to the natural world around us. Whether it's direct pollution, population sprawl, killing of species for profit, or global warming, if you care about the world your future generations plan to live in, you need to think about your impact either directly or indirectly. Global warming and Gore are making people do this on a major scale, many for the first time. Why do you and Susan feel so much animosity towards this?

Garrett said...

Paul-Did you know that I still don't like getting gas at Exxon to this day because of the massive spill in the Prince William Sound of Alaska. Ask my Dad, or Tasha, I still bring it up to this day.

I don't have a cavilier attitude about the enviornment. I probably shouldn't have said there is zero evidence that we are contributing to the global warming. Certainly I know that we have contributed to the # of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and by connection many scientists believe this causes "warming" temperatures decreased during the period during and after WWII one of the biggest industrial times in our planet. And now they have increased since 1976....We have eliminated many CFC appliances, we have instituted car pool lanes, we have light rail, smog in Los Angeles is considerably less than 1970's. People recycle, we are doing quite a bit! If there was a way to run cars and airplanes on water, I would love it.

Air Pollution is bad, and I am all for curbing it, which many companies have trying to do...hybrid cars, e85, etc.....but at what cost? I would rather put up with a little bit of air pollution for the ability to go to the store and have every kind of good and service available to me....(Trucks and transport boats) I don't want to put words in your mouth, but I assume you would rather fly 5 hours on a jet plane, than sail for 2 months? If we can get planes, trucks, to run on cleaner fuel that would be awesome.

I am for a balance in all things


Garrett said...

Paul--BTW, did you read my post on horse racing? I would think that would be your all time favorite post I have ever done! I'm gonna e-mail that to you.

P.S. People who kill whales for profit make me sick!

Pauly said...

You mean the one that said "Horse racing is stupid and everyone who likes it is an idiot!"