Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Apple's "Lets Rock" Event

About two or three times a year Steve Jobs announces new products, or changes to existing products. Apple is brillant at creating hype and speculation at these events, and they are always looked forward to by me. For a techno-geek this is Christmas morning. So this time out Steve announced a refresh to the ipods, most noteably the nano which now has a "shake" feature. Meaning while you are listening to your songs you can just shake your ipod and that automatically shuffles your songs. Cool eh? They also revamped Itunes and incorporated a Genius playlist feature much like the 3rd party "Filter" app. Or even "Pandora" on the Iphone. What genius does is make a playlist on the fly depending on what mood you are in. You can select a certain song and it will automatically build out a playlist of similar offerings. (Is it any wonder terrestrial radio is dying?) It is like having your own Jack FM station, only it plays what YOU WANT with no commercials. There also is a fantastic visualizer which can be put on full screen mode that responds to your music. I tried it yesterday with "Dark Side of the Moon" and it is awesome!!!   Check out for more info.  And now I will sign out how people sign out on the apple forums, they list what apple stuff they we go...

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Brett said...

Apple definitely knows how to create positive press. Think about it, there was very little announced that was not leaked before hand and it is still a huge deal. The question I have with the 'shake' feature is - can you turn it off? Otherwise it might be really annoying while you are working out....

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Grandma Dee said...

Garrett, I love how "cutting edge" you are. It is so neat to have two really cool stepsons. So glad you guys are not nerds. You guys are always fun. Congrats on all your Apple stuff. It is something you always get excited about. How cool that you have the new shaker thing. (Don't I just sound like someone "out of it"?) I love my iMac a bunch. By the way, you are a wizard, still remembering all about PCs and helping Matt out of the "frozen" mess I got him into.

Good question, Brett, on the shaker deal. I was thinking that if I was listening to one great song and coughed or sneezed, would I jump to another song? I am sure that the big G will have a good answer to that.