Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain "Suspends Campaign"

Because of the mess in the financial sector, John McCain has stated that he wants to postpone the debate with Obama, fly to Washington to "help" get a solution hammered out.  On the surface it looks like he is putting his country above presidential politics....But lets look deeper shall we???  According the Washington post John McCain has missed 64% of his votes in congress since January.  And Obama has missed 46%.   

This to me has always been one of the central hypocrisies in any presidential campaign where the candidate is in congress.  Because what they are doing is not serving the people whom elected them.  This would be like me telling my employer..."You know what I am going to try to get this other job over here, and I am going to be gone 64 or 46 percent of the time, and if I by any chance don't get this new job, well then I'll come back to my old one.  And oh by the way, keep paying me my salary to for these two years"  

I mean come on!!  And now all of a sudden after missing almost 2/3 of his votes and neglecting his duty as a US Senator for the people of Arizona, all of a sudden McCain wants to fly up and help?!   Style over substance.  

Here is a new rule that I think all Presidential candidates should have to live by.....

If you are going to run for president, you must forfeit your current position as senator or governor.  I think both Obama and McCain should have to do this now, and for all future presidential elections.


Brett said...

Here, here. Gar. You have hit on the head in many ways. Clearly a politicking move. 'look at me take care of the economy.' Ummm.... if you want to help the economy keep campaigning. The economy is in the dumps because the government keeps trying to help. To quote the esteemed Mr. Reagan - 'the scariest words in the English language are "we're from the government and we're here to help."'

Here is the problem with McCain - how different is he really from Obama? Maybe a little bit more on board with tax cuts, but fiscally still thinks its the government's job to do way too much.

But at least the economy will give both candidates some photo ops and some talking points that have no substance. I can hear it now... 'the economy is bad, I want change....' No, really?

Harrumphhh! I'm gonna write in a candidate this year. Maybe I will vote for you... but you have to agree to quit your job between now and November 5th :)


Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Good thoughts, and great illustration. If your plan (hopefully this includes all that enter the primaries) were in effect. The Dem side would probably still have Clinton, she would have made the gamble. While Obama would not take the risk of losing his seat at this point in his career.
The GOP would have been Huckabee, Romney, Rudy, and McCain(who probably would also have taken a shot at his age).
The VP spot would be very interesting if they were held to the same rule. The nominees would almost certainly have to choose from the pool of those who were in the primaries (those who already took the risk).
We would absolutely benefit by seeing more governors run and less law makers. Also more true private secter businessmen who can afford to take time off from the job. Our (the peoples) options would be made of up people that are not considered Washington insider types. No more career politicians that hang on for power their entire lives. You would not see a Lieberman on two ballots in the same year as in 2000 where he was running for Senate and VP in the same election.
Let's get the constitutional amendment going Garrett. As the Political Scientist, it is your job to blaze this trail for us.


I agree with you with regard to a Presidential candidate who is holding a public office stepping aside while they are campaigning for the Presidency of the United States. However I completely disagree with you regarding McCains flying to Washington to work on the sell out package as being politically motivated. This is one of the worst financial crisis that this country has faced since the Great Depression. This is a time when every elected politician should be where the action is and work for the good of the people. After all we do pay their salaries and they do work for US. In my opinion it was very Presidential on McCains part. Unlike Obama who said "call me if you need me." Give me a break!!! With regard to this sell out package the Dems hold the majority in the House and Senate and could and can pass this bill on their own without the Republicans. Question is why don't they. Simple answer is that this so called bail out is a sham and the Dems know it. When Acorn, a corrupt agency is going to receive a 20% bail out with this 700 billion dollar package something is rotten in Denmark!! If you are not familar with them check them out. Nancy Pelosi said the Republicans were unpatriotic for not coming to the table this week. What an amazing statement from someone who holds herself first and country second. The Republicans knew what was in the package and didn't want any part of it. Know that the Dems have agreed to look more closely at things the Reps have come to the table. I hope the Reps hold firm and make sure all the stink is out before this goes to vote. Hopefully Obama can find the time to fly to Washington and cast his vote. However if his phone is busy he may just not get the call.

love ya, Susan

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

I have a bit of restored faith in our political system after the House of Rep. voted no to the $700 billion bailout today.

Has anyone asked why the banks are in such a crisis. I understand that many people are getting loans they should not have gotten with very little down. But all those loans also required PMI to cover the Lenders in case of default on the part of the borrowers. Is the mortgage insurance not doing its job?