Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin's Daughter is Pregnant

Very interesting eh?  I have a theory about this.  Now we know that statistics show that if kids are taught abstinence ONLY and not taught contraception education, the likelihood of an unwanted pregnancy is increased.  I would be willing to bet that Sarah never told her daughter about this stuff, other than to say, "darling Jesus has a perfect plan for you, and that is to enjoy sex in the context of marriage"     So Sarah's daughter being a normal teenager has sex and wasn't prepared with  ladies and gentleman we have another unwanted pregnancy that could have been prevented, and thus harm is not minimized, it is increased!   

(disclaimer---I don't know the Palin family personally, but I know enough about evangelical culture to make this educated hypothesis, however I could be wrong on the specifics of her situation)


Grandma Dee said...

Such a pity about her daughter. It's tough enough to deal with a single parenthood or giving the baby up for adoption. But, now she has to hold up under all the public scrutiny. I hope that her parents are very supportive of her. She will need a lot of shoring up during all of this. It seems to me that her mother might be having misgivings about accepting her current nomination. I don't mean to sound anti-feminist, but a mother who will soon be a grandmother and who has a Down's syndrome baby herself will have a lot to keep her busy. To potentially be the Vice President or possibly the President of the United States is not a position of responsibility to be taken lightly. She has some very tough decisions to make. God be with her, Grandma Dee

Anonymous said...

Now, I am not sure you can claim it is "another unwanted pregnancy". Unplanned sure, but unwanted is not appropriate. There is a difference.

Also this stuff you spout that "evangelicals" teach there kids saying "Jesus loves you and has a plan for you to enjoy sex in marriage" (please pardon the quotes if I got that quote wrong) are types of things I have read you write in the past. But I have never ever heard any "christian" ever say them. Maybe because I am not a main stream "christian".

Also I guess i wasnt a "normal teenager", Thank God for that.

Last thing. I feel bad for this girl and the unfair position she is tossed into by her mom. Her mothers ambition has her thrust into the headlines and if there is no bounce for the GOP after the convention it will be seen as partially her fault.

Sarah, go home take care of your family.

Baptist mike in utah

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I also have a theory from my experience with teens.

Families with both parents working produce more "unwanted" pregnancies.