Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dodgers 2008 NL West Champions!!!!!!!!!!

A big congrats to the Los Angeles Dodgers on their winning the NL West title this afternoon, after the D'Backs loss.  This has been a fantastic season, with Manny Mania, and finally overtaking the D'Backs last month.  Matt and I have gone to over 25% of all home games this year, and I believe my number is 24 games attended which is a record for me.  Bring on the Cubs or Phillies, and I will be cheering the Dodgers on next Saturday because I will be at game 3 Saturday and Sunday for game 4....Go Blue!!!


Mark Nowlin said...

Fresno v. UCLA AND the Dodgers on Saturday? Wow, what a charmed life you lead big Gar

Garrett said...

Mark you big silly goose you! This Saturday is the UCLA game, and NEXT Saturday is the Dodger playoff game at Dodger stadium....Are you gonna get to the Rose Bowl early or what? Do you ever check your e-mail?

Mark Nowlin said...

Ohhhhh, that's right. Yes, I do check my mail, and I just emailed you back. take a look.