Friday, September 12, 2008

My Website from 1996

OK guys, courtesy of and completely free of charge I was able to find my original website as it looked in the early part of 1996...This is absolutely classic.  I built this entire thing myself and I am still proud of it (:  So here it is and enjoy a classic walk down memory lane  (My favorite part is the Tasha and Garrett are getting married page!)

P.S.  Yes some of the pictures are missing I know, don't worry there is nothing wrong with your computer.


Brett said...

Nice. I was so impressed when I first saw that. I quickly came up with my own website, but confession - I used WISIWIG. I bow to the HTML master. You were and are still - the web-guru (not to be confused with the Love Guru - soon available on DVD). Thanks for the stroll down amnesia lane.


Thanks for sharing a trip down memory lane. It was/is great.

Love ya, Susan

Grandma Dee said...

Oh, my gosh, what a hoot. You were "so ahead of your time." How wonderful that it still exists out there in cyberspace. I reread the whole thing. Dad and I were talking about your old website at dinner with Matt last night. We all said how great it was and how creative you were. Dad and I remembered going to the room with the bank of computers at Chico and you showing us what you did. We didn't really understand what you were doing. Little did we know that you would be trendsetter.

I don't think I had ever seen the website that you developed for Sandy. It was so cute. I loved the part about sending you a dollar. My favorite part was "the 1000 Garretts." What a riot. Only you!

Paula said...

I LOVED looking at all the old pictures and feel so PROUD of you for your computer talents. You were a forerunner of webpages and blog sites, Garrett, and have such an amazing knowledge of computer workings.
Love you, Mom