Friday, September 19, 2008

Why the Emmys are a Sham

For those of us that know, that is people who have seen the HBO show "the Wire" which finished it's 5th and final season earlier this year, the emmy are a joke.  This show has been universally hailed by critics as "The best show on TV"  "Reaches the level of great literature"  

I have seen every episode of this series and I was stunned by how good it is.  For those that don't know it is set in Baltimore, and follows different aspects of the city...each season focused on one particular part of city life...the drug trade, the port, the city bureauacracy, the schools, the news media.     

There are a few theories as to why "The Wire" has never been nominated....they are as follows....Too many black faces (hard to understand because their dialogue is authentic)....The show demands you pay attention to everything......or Emmy politics.

Anyways show creator David Simon demands absolute realism in every aspect of the potrayl of the cops, the court system, the mayors office, political races, school system, how the drug trade works.    If you have ever wondered why things are the way they are, there is no better explanation than when you watch "The Wire"  

I will not be watching the Emmys


Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

"Too many black faces (hard to understand because their dialogue is authentic)...."

Sounds like a racist statement to me. Authentic black dialogue cannot be understood, huh!

Ha, just kidding. It is funny though. The other night we were watching "My Fair Lady" (by the way, Rex Harrison played on of Holywoods greates characters in my opinion. Dr. Henry Higgens is awesome)
Anyway to the point as I was watching the movie I was thinking how politically incorrect it is. And it would be in poor taste to take a black girl from the hood for a modern day version of this film. Although they do it to some point with the trading places style movies or changing ugly to pretty (Princess Diary etc). But it would not be acceptable to take a black girl from the hood with the mocking degrading attitude used in the original film and apply it today. Although if it were done to a girl from the south it would be considered funny.

Garrett said...

To clarify....(I forgot not everyone is familiar with the Wire)

The shows potrays the Baltimore drug trade in an authentic light.....drug dealers don't tend to speak in the Kings English....and the "corner boys" of West Baltimore are all black and have their own dialect...just like surfers have their own dialect, and nascar fans, and Walmart hillbillies have their own dialect....

It is not a simple packaged show that is easy to digest like "Greys Anatomy" "C.S.I." or "24" and that is probably the number one reason for the snub, a secondary reason is perhaps racism on the part of the emmy voters.....this is not only my view but the view of the actor who played "Bubble" on the series

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

I am probably the only one not familiar with the show. I am the only person that has never seen a single episode of the Sopranos.

sorry about my ramblings on the thought of regional dialect. Although the Walmart shopper dialect is interesting that it does transcend regional demographics.