Friday, September 5, 2008

I Hate Garage Sales

Tasha and I have had about 5 garage sales in our 11 years of wedded bliss, but let me tell you something folks, I don't like em!  They are disturbances and eyesores, and many homeowners associations have banned em for darn good reasons!!  

What is the appeal of rummaging through someone elses garbage and filth?  I don't get it, Oh look here is a stained couch, oh wow here are some baby clothes with spit up on them, whoopdedoo!! (:    It's always the same thing.  And I don't like em boy!!!

This has been your grumpy old cuss, post of the day (:


Anonymous said...

My favorite part is the woman trying to get the $1.00 pair of faded jeans for a quarter!


Brett said...

Dear Primadona,

Garage sales rock. Barely used tools for less than half of what you can get them for at Home Depot. Name brand clothes that can be washed. $10 for a mountain bike just because they want to get it out of their garage. Gold mine, I tell you, gold mine!

Here's my grumpy old cuss for the day - things cost too much these days. We need more garage sales.

Brett :)