Sunday, January 25, 2009

10 reasons the NHL is so cool

The NHL is threatening to become my second favorite sport......Here are my top ten reasons why.....

10.  You can be a Kings season ticket holder for cheap.
9.  It is the only major sport that is supported mainly by fan attendance not TV revenue
8.  The action is almost non stop for 3 twenty minute periods
7.  Most games are very close
6.  Overtime is very exciting and relatively common
5.  Ditto for shootouts
4.  It is the only major sport that allows/ encourages fighting (no one really gets hurt, cause it hard to plant your feet when you are on skates) 
3.  It looks incredible in HD
2.  Players getting checked into the boards is cool
1.  The game is fluid, graceful, action packed, suspenseful, and exciting!