Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Lord and Savior is Sick

Sadness as the world is unable to hear the Lord pronounce his sacred semi-annual update at the Macworld Expo.  He is sick and Phil Schiller will be doing the sacred won't be the same...what will we hear tomorrow?  We will soon find out...but my thoughts are with my savior.  

Get well Soon Steve we all Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

****** is what Apple has announced...........

I Life and I Work update !!!!!!!!!!---Iphoto now has facial recognition software among many other things
17 in Notebook refresh with aluminium unibody
More DRM 256 kps songs on Itunes
Purchase songs directly from Iphone on 3G network


Serenity NOW said...

I heard about that yesterday. They said it was a nutrition thing but one has to wonder. A brilliant mind indeed.

Brett said...

So what can you do with facial recognition software?