Saturday, January 31, 2009

Am I the Lead singer of R.E.M?

We have an anonymous jokester on Grabbaggar who thinks I look like Michael Stipe, well I'll take that one all day just as long as I don't get compared to John Popper circa early 90's.....but that'll be the last comment from any "anonymous" comment person boy!


Serenity NOW said...

What planet is anonymous on??? Might be time to get his/her glasses checked. Good Lord how stupid!!

Serenity NOW said...


Googled J. Popper...watched an awesome "No Women, No Cry" on the hermonica. Marley would be proud. Very talented but I totally agree, he does not look like you.

The Capt of Serenity NOW...out

Baptist Mike In Oregon said...

HAHA, that is funny. I like the jolly old you just as well as the new.