Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today I went on my Xmas Nordstrom shopping spree.  In my past life I would break out into a cold sweat in clothing stores, because folks, for many hefty gentleman shopping for clothes isn't the most fun thing in the world.  

But it was like a whole nother world in there.  Nordstrom of course is famous for their service and I actually shopped there for 1.5 hours!  I was treated like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"  You know that charming movie about that loveable whore that George from Seinfeld punches?  Anyways I got a new pair of shoes, some dress slacks, some more dress/casual slacks, and three shirts.  My neck was even measured and it is 15.5 inches...that is 2 neck sizes folks..also waist is 34/35 depending on brand of pants.  So if anyone wants to buy me clothes that is the ticket!!


tashariley said...

and you look smokin'!!

Serenity NOW said... mention my favorite movie with Julia Roberts...........she would be proud, indeed!! I am so happy that you were able to buy the cool new clothes and shoes with the perfect sizes for you. Rock on Garrett, Rock deserve it. Love you a TON!!

Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

Garrett, we are so proud of you. Joe said he knows what it is like to be able to go into a store and they actually have the sizes you are looking for.
Wow! Can't wait to see the new clothes!!!!
We love you
Sandy & Joe

Paula said...

Gee, Garrett...that is amazing..all those inches lost! You are right...when a person is the correct weight, shopping is FUN! I'm glad you had the perfect "Nordstrom experience". You look awesome and probably feel even better!! :)

Love you, Mom

Grandma Dee said...

Garrett, I am so happy for you. You do look great and it must feel great to have NICE new quality clothes. A far cry from the old days at Men's Warehouse! This was such a fun blog of yours to read. Keep up the incredible discipline and commitment you have. You amaze me.
Grandma Dee
P.S., Pix?