Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baptist Mike in Utah is now in Oregon?

How did this move come about Mike?  The floor is yours.........


Baptist Mike In Oregon said...

Sorry it took so long. Northern Oregon is impossible to find wireless internet.

Long story short. We decided to shut the work in Utah down. We have been there 2 years with very little effect. The people did not want to hear the message so we dusted off our feet as we are told to do in the Bible. Shortly after making the decision, I was called by a small church in beautiful Hood River Oregon in the central part of the Columbia River Gorge to be thier pastor. My new salary is a big fat $0, so today I was at a job interview in Portland for Wells Fargo, also several autoglass companies in the area. i even found my way into Safeway and Walmart to offer my services! So this is a big change.
I found a rental today to live in. So we are also going from our beautiful 3 yr old house that I need to rent or sell to an 18 year old double wide mobile home.
It was a tough choice. Like many missionaries I have come accross, I could have "stuck it out" where I was in the comfort of churches supporting me with $6000+/month for many more years trying to build a church with no congregation. Or I can go to a place that cannot afford to pay a pastor where there is a group of people looking for a pastor. Some will say I am dumb, but I have faith that God will take care of it.

BTW, I have no intention of walking away from our house in utah. I have never been late on a payment and I will continue to pay on time until we can sell in the future. So if you know any renters in southern utah, send them my way. I am offering it for about $400 less than my payment.

Serenity NOW said... are a GREAT American. We wish you all the luck in the world.

Susan & Dennis Nespor
(Garretts Aunt & Uncle)

Garrett said...

Ditto on that Mike!.......

Baptist Mike In Oregon said...

I dont know about that, but thanks.

Northern Oregon is interesting. I will miss the freedom of Utah. As a "conservative" state, you pretty much can do what you want. But Oregon is very liberal and has a lot of regulations on everything. It is also much dirtier that Utah. And all of the radio stations are Air America in Utah. HAHA, actually it is a bit interesting to hear.