Monday, January 5, 2009

A new era starts with a win

About three weeks ago I became a hockey fan.  I have been to a handful of Kings games in my life and can't pinpoint why I am now a huge fan....  Matt thinks that the reason is because I have "gone crazy".  And maybe I have I don't know.  (Crazy people don't know that they're crazy) Anyways one of the interesting things about hockey in LA is that LA is not a hockey town at all.  We are a Dodger and a Laker town.  So what that does is keep the ticket prices somewhat reasonable.  And it allowed me to get a season ticket package to all the remaining games pretty cheaply.  So the first game I had was Saturday night against the Flyers.  And it was a great went to overtime and then to a shootout.  And thanks to the fact that we sent LaBarbera to the Canucks, and the fact that Quick is our exiting young new goaltender...we won the shootout and thus the game!!  (two years ago the NHL changed the rules and hockey games can no longer end in a tie)
Kevin went with me and we stayed the entire time.  So if you want to go to a game with me, check the schedule and maybe I'll e-mail you a ticket.


Serenity NOW said...

Hockey has never been one of my favorite sport's. The skating ability of the player's amazes me however watching that puck fly down the ice isn't terribly exciting. Plus it goes so fast that most of the time you cannot even see where it is. Dennis's brother Jerry and his family are hockey fanatics. They love it. I think it might be something that has to grow on you. Their Grandson played for 10 years when he was younger which is one of the reasons that they came to love the game. I think it's super that you took Kevin. Did he like it??

Paula said...

Hockey is fun to watch. We went to alot of Duck games when Mike was young. Jeff has always been a fan....maybe because he is from the cold country..i.e. Wisconsin!

The guys are looking forward to their Thursday game. They say thanks!!
Love, Mom