Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Turk and Rooster

OK so I am watching "Righteous Kill" as we speak.  It is absolute Dog vomit.....the script is laughable and the movie is even worse than I thought it would be.  This movie is like a bad CSI:New York episode...nothing more....in fact I take that back, I have seen better CSI's then this movie.  

Pacino and DeNiro are icons of cinema who are no longer hungry, no longer want to excel, are satisfied with drawing their 10 million paycheck....where did that genius performance in Godfather I and II go?  What happened to that bull who once raged?  

It's over

The only way they can redeem themselves is to do character roles...they may have one last role a piece in them...but the candle of hope is dimming.


dole2obama said...

"Just give this bull a stage, so he can rage. A horse, a horse, a kingdom for a horse."

What was the last good movie that these actors made? I love both of them so here is what I think.
Bobby D
Casino (way back in 1995)
Donnie Brasco (1997)
Curious to hear what you think...

Pauly said...

Has Deniro ever done a role outside of his "Good Fellas" character?

Garrett said...

Few and far between Pauly but check out these...

"Jackie Brown"
"The Mission"
"The Deer Hunter"
"A Bronx Tale"

Baptist Mike In Oregon said...

I would say Cape Fear is outside of his GoodFellas character.

Hey Garrett, you are the big movie buff. Last night I had the pleasure of staying in a hotel in beautiful Barstow CA (yuck). flipping through the channels I came accross a movie I had never heard of. I missed part of it, but i was fully taken in by it. It was called "Alpha Dog". I was also pleasantly shocked by the performance of Justin Timberlake in the movie. I got to Utah today, so I can finish getting things moved to Oregon and went out to rent the DVD so I can fill in the blanks. Did you have any thoughts on the movie?